Saturday, 22 September 2018

The perfect Sunday

'5 tips for the perfect Sunday to
help you prepare for the new week ahead'

I usually spend a bit of time each week scrolling through Pinterest to find ideas and get me inspired to write some blog posts. I recently came across a post that was all about spending your Sunday preparing yourself for the week ahead. Now it doesn't exactly sound thrilling off the bat because the last thing you want to do is remind yourself that it's Monday the next day, but when I read through the points they were really chilled, easy to complete and made a lot of sense.

I wanted to share them on my blog for anyone who may be interested in giving this a go and seeing if it helps to ease you into a new week, I'll certainly be trying these this Sunday. I haven't noted every point down as I personally like to spend my Sunday's seeing family so it would be difficult to fit it all in, but if you'd like to see the image that inspired me then click here.

1. Have a slow and steady morning
First thing's first, don't rush to get out of bed. Try to have a lie-in even if you aren't necessarily sleeping. I am a real morning person so I struggle to sleep past 9am, but this doesn't stop me from lazying about in bed, whether it be making a fuss of the cats or scrolling through my phone. It's nice to let a little bit of daylight into the room to help you wake up gradually, you could even read a book or pop on the tv, whatever makes you happy!

2. Make yourself your favourite breakfast
This is something that I really don't do enough and I really should. I never spend enough time on breakfast despite it being the most important meal of the day. I definitely want to make sure that I do a weekly food shop on the Saturday so that I have everything I need for Sunday and the rest of the week ahead. My perfect breakfast would either be granola with lots of strawberries, raspberries and grapes, or pancakes with all the possible toppings you could dream of! What is your favourite breakfast?

3. Write a to-do list for the week
I think this is a really good thing to get into the habit of doing as it will help you remember everything that you need to do for the week and when to do it by. I often use the calendar on my phone to remember people's birthdays, what bills are due to come out, and what day I'm seeing friends or family. Things like this are usually all booked in advance and I've never really thought about breaking it down even more week by week. I think this will definitely help with remembering to buy birthday cards/presents in advance and making sure the money is in the right account for that bill rather than rushing to do it all last minute!

4. Sunday is self care day
I love the idea of having a little pamper every Sunday to really make you feel refreshed and ready for the week. I am a nightmare when it comes to looking after my skin and taking the time to put on a much needed face mask, or use a body scrub before getting into the bath - something to add to my weekly to-do list maybe? As I'm now 27 I'm realising that I should get myself back into a good skincare routine, something that has slipped over the last couple of years, so from now on Sunday evenings will consist of a mini pamper session!

5. Get an early night
Something which I'm sure most of us don't do is get enough sleep before the new week begins, and I am just the same. I will watch YouTube or scroll through my phone until I fall asleep, and let's face it I'm never going to wake up on Monday feeling fresh! My aim for this Sunday is to get a good 7-8 hours worth of sleep to help me feel more awake and ready when my alarm goes off on Monday morning. Things that usually help me to relax are listening to spa music or reading a good book, those are sure fire ways to help me feel tired earlier, which in turn will help me get more sleep.

So those are my five tips in order to have a perfect Sunday and help you to prepare for the week ahead! Is there anything you do in particular on a Sunday to help prepare you for a new week? I'd love to know :)

P.S - these images aren't the best as I took them all on my phone (Samsung Galaxy S9+), I'm very slowly getting back into blogging, sorry!


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