Wednesday, 19 September 2018

September is a fresh start

'There's something about the start of Autumn that makes me want
to set new goals for the rest of the year.'

I'm not sure what happens around this time of year but I always naturally use September as a month to reflect. Maybe it's due to the summer coming to an end and a new school year starting (I left school eleven years ago and yet I think it's still ingrained in my head!) , but there's something about the start of Autumn that makes me want to set new goals for the rest of the year. I guess it's a bit silly really as September doesn't even fall half way through the year but hey, that's just how my mind works!

So I did a post very similar to this last year where I mapped out a few little goals that I'd like to achieve by the time the new year arrives. Granted my goals from last year I didn't exactly achieve, blogging consistently being the main one, but I did spend more time with friends and family so I guess it's swings and roundabouts. This year is a little different as I kind of have just one big goal that I want to make a habit in life, rather than a few little ones, so here it goes...

Over the past couple of months I've felt like I've been plodding along nicely in life. I love the company I work for, I have a good friendship group around me, and me and Jack survived our first year of marriage without filing for divorce! Hooray! But just recently I've been asking myself a few questions, the main one being 'have you really given up your dream of wanting your own clothing business?' and the answer is no, I haven't.

I always said to myself that by the time I'm 30 I want to have my own baby clothing business, nothing massive just a little online shop where people from all over the country can purchase handmade baby clothes made by me. With a few failed attempts and then the wedding and honeymoon taking up all of my time I kind of put my dreams on the back-burner, which is something that should never happen. If I'm honest I massively lost faith in myself and it's hard to admit when you've failed, but I now feel ready to get back up and try again.

I'm 27 now, so I have roughly 2.5 years to reach my goal. I'm not going to stress myself out about it like I did last time, or put too much pressure on myself to succeed in a short space of time, I'm just going to start, which is quite often the hardest part.

We all have four more months left until the end of the year, four more months to make a difference and still make it our best year yet. Do you have any goals in mind that you would like to start achieving before the new year starts? It could even be new years resolutions that you put in place in January that you haven't quite got around to yet - it's never too late to start!


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