Monday, 8 January 2018

2017 to 2018

'New year, new feels, new chances,
same dreams, fresh starts'

I cannot believe that 2017 is over and 2018 is here! Where did that last year go?? I'm bringing myself back to the blogging and YouTube world a little late this year as I work in retail so I was super busy over the Christmas period and working a lot of hours, whereas the first week of January I had a lovely few days off to recuperate, relax and tidy up the house from the Christmas and New Year madness!

I wanted my first post of 2018 to take a brief look back at the past year as it was a big year for me (and I didn't exactly keep my blog up to date!) and my future plans for 2018.

Last year was probably my favourite year to date. As soon as January hit it was all go with making the final plans for our wedding, sending out our official invitations, dress alterations and ordering the groomsmen suits. I was a busy little bee making sure that everything had been ticked off the list by a certain point, and that is one thing that I have learnt - when I have an important deadline I bloody well meet it, making sure that everything is just so. Of course I had help from friends, family, and my lovely husband but I am the kind of person who likes doing things on my own, I rarely like to ask for help, so I pretty much planned and booked the whole wedding alone and I was really proud of how it all came together. In fact, a lot of people said I should go into wedding planning, which we'll go into later.

My birthday/hen party was next on the agenda, falling on the last weekend in April. I had no idea what my bridesmaids had planned for me so I was slightly terrified as I didn't want the classic 'L' plates and a mad night out on the town - it's just not very me. Well, it's safe to say that my girls did me proud sending us on a pink party bus all the way to London and then spending the evening at Cafe de Paris, a burlesque themed restaurant come nightclub. Burlesque is one of my favourite films and I admire the women (and men) who actually do it so being treated to this was just amazing! 

June quickly came around and it was time for the 'I do's'! We had the most amazing weather, the sun was shining all day and it wasn't overly hot. We had Pimms for arrival drinks, lawn games, an amazing band, and everyone we could possibly wish to join us on our anniversary - yep, we go married on our 9 year anniversary which made it all the more special. It was just the most magical day and I honestly think it couldn't have gone any better. 

Next up it was time for my best friend of 20 years to get married!! We were maid of honours at each others weddings which was so lovely, and so special to be in the same year. Her hen party was amazing as she is completely different to me so we took her to the New Forest Aqua Park for the day which is a massive inflatable obstacle course on the water, something I was a little apprehensive about but it was incredible! I would highly recommend it and would love to do it again! In the evening we went for a bit of nostalgia and took her for a pub crawl around Hamble, which is where we grew up, but she didn't last long before wanting her bed! A few weeks later she tied the knot and it was such a strange feeling to know that we were now both married, we were officially adults doing adult-type things!

By the middle of November we finally welcomed my little baby niece into the world. She certainly kept us waiting as she was two weeks late, but she was so worth it. She's the first baby on my side of the family so it's all very new, but my brother and sister-in-law are doing such an amazing job, they're great parents already and it's so crazy seeing my brother being a Dad! I can't get enough of her, I'm just so proud to be her Auntie.


So that was my (as brief as it could be) round up of 2017, now onto my hopes for this year!

My number one goal for this year is to get out of retail again. I did it for a long time throughout college and uni and it was great, and I went back to it last year after having left for three years because it was an easy way to get a job again to save the last few pennies for the wedding. My aim when I went back was to become a Visual Merchandising Manager, however they no longer exist in the company I'm in anymore and I've also come to realise that I've just really outgrown retail. It was good for me when I was young and still in education, however I'm older now and I know exactly what I want in life so it's definitely time to move on. I've already applied for a lot of jobs, and I will be emailing local wedding planners to see if anyone will give me a chance even though I've not had any experience, fingers crossed!

The most exciting thing that is happening this year is mine and Jack's honeymoon! In just 16 days we will be heading to the Maldives for 10 nights of absolute relaxation and bliss! It's been our dream honeymoon for a long time so that fact that we are actually going, well, it just doesn't feel real yet! I'm so excited, yet I definitely haven't prepared my body for wearing a bikini again...

I'm not too sure what the rest of the year will bring as we don't really have much else planned so far. Of course we will be celebrating our first year of marriage and 10 years being together so I'm sure we will do something special, although we are yet to decide. We will definitely be saving for a house as that is something we are really passionate about achieving before we are 30 so it might be a bit of a quiet year whilst we save the pennies, but who knows! 

I'm looking forward to seeing what this year has to offer, maybe it'll be the year that I finally win the lottery...?! Haha 

Do you have any new years resolutions this year?


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