Monday, 9 October 2017

A Cosy Autumn Day

'Hot chocolate made, I'm on the sofa with the
blanket wrapped around me...'

Nothing beats those days where you're not at work, you don't have any house work to do, you don't have anywhere to go, so you can just curl up on the sofa in your most comfy clothes and c h i l l.

Today was one of those days and I truly embraced it.

I did my usual morning routine of getting up, feeding the cats and waking Jack up when it was time for him to go to work, then I got myself ready in my favourite cosy clothes and headed downstairs to catch up on tv that I'd missed earlier in the week. Before I turn on the telly I boil the kettle and get my favourite mug out on the side, ready to pour myself a hot chocolate - it may only be the morning but I'm treating myself today.

I head back into the living room, grab some matches and light each individual candle where the smell of vanilla and Bolsius' 'Autumn Walk' slowly fill the room. Bolsius and the Octane PR girls were kind enough to send me all four of their new scents from Bolsius' seasonal Autumn collection, which was perfect timing as the cool Autumn air had me ready to head out and stock up on candles! The limited edition range includes the following scents, 'Autumn Walk' which holds a rich and woody fragrance, elegantly blended with delicate petals and creamy vanilla, perfect for my cosy day in! 'Home Comfort' contains a mix of spices and vanilla to awaken your senses on a crisp October morning leading into a chilly evening. 'Frosted Garden' is a combination of rose and jasmine topped off with an ice cool citrus and hint of mint - definitely a scent I will be taking into the winter months! And finally 'Celebrate' which holds a fragrance of mulled wine infused with cinnamon combined with orange zest - a scent which will certainly get you excited for Christmas!

Bolsius fragrances have been on sale since September, available to buy on Amazon, and come in four different styles to suit your needs - a small glass candle, reed defusers, three-wick candles and tea lights, all of which would make a great birthday gift or Christmas stocking filler. I have always been the type of girl to buy candles as they are my favourite way to fill the room with beautiful scents, however having been sent this package I am also really enjoying the subtle scent from a reed diffuser, it's a great way to keep your house smelling lovely all through the day.

Hot chocolate made, I'm on the sofa with the blanket wrapped around me, the cat has of course found her way under the blanket for cuddles and extra warmth, and I'm flicking through the channels on catch up wondering where I should begin.

And it's here I stay all day, embracing hygge and enjoying one little day of doing absolutely nothing - b l i s s.


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