Monday, 25 September 2017

My Ultimate Autumnal Evening

 'We usually tend to snuggle up on the couch with a huge blanket wrapped around the both of us'

Since the rain has worsened from the transition from Summer to Autumn, the wind has become slightly bitter, and the early evenings have become darker I have found myself in a bit of a slump. This could be one of two things, either I am having the wedding blues with not having anything to plan and spend my free time doing, or the pang of always wanting my own business is kicking in again and I'm just not satisfied in my career. To be honest I think is probably both of these things, which makes me sad and realise that I need to somehow prevent myself from feeling like this and do something to stop me feeling this way.

I thought I'd remind myself of why I love this time of year and just spend my time enjoying it rather than wishing for the future, because what's the point in wasting your precious time now wishing for something that may, or may not even happen?

My ultimate perfect Autumnal night consists of coming home from work to see my two adorable cats welcoming me at the door, my husband cooking away a delicious hearty meal in the kitchen - probably something like lamb pie, potatoes and veg. I make my way upstairs and slip into my cosy clothes which consist of slippers, pyjama bottoms, Sunday jumper and super soft dressing gown. I then make my way back downstairs to see if hubby needs a hand with anything (it's usually a no as he hates it when I faff around in the kitchen), I pour us both a glass of wine each and set the table ready for dinner.

After this we usually tend to snuggle up on the couch with a huge blanket wrapped around the both of us and put something on tv, this year it will be either Jamie's Quick and Easy Meals or Prison Break, which we are currently obsessed with. By this point the room is only lit by our corner floor lamp and the dim light from candles scattered around the room, and both cats have joined us for cuddles as they hate the cold, and we stay here until our eyes can no longer stay open for another episode.

What does your ultimate Autumn night consist of?


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