Wednesday, 3 May 2017

I am the worlds worst blogger!

'there, I've said it, now you don't have to'

I often say that I am the worlds worst blogger, there, I've said it now you don't have to! I always have the best intentions to blog, I schedule in days that I can properly sit down and put content together, but then something happens and I just can't keep up with my promises to myself. 

It's actually pretty sad to see that I haven't blogged for the whole of April!! I mean, it was several people's birthday's, including mine and Jack's, final plans were being arranged for the wedding, and I also had my hen party last weekend so it's not like I've not been busy - not to mention working full-time in-between all of that as well! But anyway, that's not why we're here today - no more moaning about lack of blog content!

Sunglasses: Ebay  //  Coat: New Look  //  Top & Shorts: Topshop  //  Bag: Zara  //  Boots: Primark

Today I wanted to (finally) share with you some amazing photos that Katherine took of me a good few weeks ago now! I had the pleasure of meeting Katherine at the very start of April to be a part of her final university project (you can find out more about that here) and she offered to take some blog photos for me too! I was a little nervous as I've not had a photographer take blog photos for me before, especially someone who I've just met! But she was so lovely and made me feel at ease the whole time, even guiding me with how to pose which was so, so helpful!

We had a lovely day strolling around Salisbury looking for the perfect little street to take outfit photos  on and the photos turned out amazing! I really couldn't be happier! It's definitely made me question whether I should seek a professional to take my outfit photos in future as they just get it right every time! Do any of you get a professional to help you? If so I'd love to know who!

Anyway, Katherine is a complete sweetheart and if yore looking for someone to take your outfit photos for you then definitely look her up! She has serious talent and I know she'll go far! Hopefully we can hang out again sometime soon!


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