Wednesday, 1 March 2017

4 Weeks Fitness Progress - Results with Lucy

'For the first time in a very long time I actually feel confident in my body again, and here's why...'

You may have seen my previous post talking about how I'd just signed up to the Results with Lucy - New Beginnings plan and how excited I was to get started. Well, believe it or not I have now been on the plan for four weeks and am here to share with you my four weeks progress results and how I've found it all!

I've always been the kind of person who sticks to healthy eating and exercise for about two weeks and then it all starts to go down hill (usually around that time of the month, lets be honest!). However this time it's like something has changed inside of me and, apart from a couple of naughty treats here and there, I've actually managed to stick to the programme and never miss a workout! I'm not sure if it's the notion of a new year, the wedding looming closer, or just the fact that I've had enough of not looking after my body, but whatever it is I'm glad it's happened as for the first time in a very long time I actually feel confident in my body again, and here's why...

The images of me on the left-hand side of both photos was taken on the 1st February this year and the images of me on the right-hand side were taken of me this morning, so one month later. You can see slight changes in my body, nothing too drastic which is good as I mainly want to tone and have a healthy body, but one of the things I am most impressed with is my posture. I've always had crap posture and it's something I have always wanted to fix but, again, I've never been able to stick with fitness, but sticking with it four times a week for the past four weeks has already helped me to sit up and stand up straighter which I am really happy with!

To put it all in perspective I wanted to share with you the measurements I took one month ago compared to now, as that is where you'll really notice the difference (again left will show 1st Feb and right will show 1st March).

Bust - 31.5"     ~     Bust - 31"
Waist - 26.3"     ~     Waist - 24.7"
Tummy - 28.7"     ~     Tummy - 27.7"
Hips - 30.7"     ~     Hips - 30"
Arms - 8.7"     ~     Arms - 8.9"
Bottom - 35.5"     ~     Bottom - 34.5"
Thighs - 19.7"     ~     Thighs - 17.7"

In total I have lost 6.8" from my body, and the only place I have gained is on my arms which I'm actually impressed with as my arms are so weak so I don't mind gaining some muscle! From looking on the private Facebook group that all of Class of 2017 has joined, some people have lost much more than this and I am so impressed and find them all a massive inspiration! We help to motivate each other to make sure we all see results, it's like a very large girl gang all supporting one another, I love it!

The programme itself has been so easy to use, everything is online on your account and it takes you along day by day. All of the meals I have had so far I have really enjoyed, some more unusual than others but still tasty all the same, however if you don't like the sound of a meal you can just trade it in for something else on the Eat Well recipe tab.

To sum up, I have been so impressed with the Results with Lucy - New Beginnings plan so far and I am so excited to see where I'll be in the next four weeks! I will post again at the end of week eight so that you can see even further results (fingers crossed!) and, again, let you know how I've been finding it!

Have any of you tried any of the Results with Lucy plans? This is the first one I've tried but I know there are plenty to choose from so I'd love it know :)


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