Thursday, 22 December 2016

Nostalgic Christmas

 'Thinking about all this just takes me back
to when I was a child at Christmas' 

As I get older, and the time until me and Jack get married shortens, I can't help but feel broody around this time of year. I love buying people presents and seeing their faces when they realise what it is, so the thought of seeing that on my child's face fills me with such excitement! Now, before we all get too carried away, they'll be no babies on the scene until after the wedding and after we buy a house, unfortunately, but we know it's the right thing to do for us.

Thinking about all this just takes me back to when I was a child at Christmas. Our house rules on December 25th were that me and my brother were allowed to open our stockings in our bedrooms as soon as we woke up, but we weren't allowed to open the presents under the tree until all the family were ready downstairs. This usually meant that we were hanging around for a while waiting for Mum to get up. She was always the last person to make it downstairs, but to be fair me and my brother were always up really early, too excited about what presents were ours under the tree!

I feel like in my teenage years I didn't get as excited about Christmas - don't get me wrong I still loved this time of year, but I guess some of the magic just left for a while. Now that I'm in my twenties I fully embrace it again! Visiting the local Christmas market, shopping for people's Christmas presents, and best of all decorating the tree with Jack, nothing quite beats it (apart from when our two cats try to KO the tree!).

This year myself and Jack are hosting at ours on Christmas day, and I feel like this may become a 'thing' as we love having people round ours. Nothing makes us happier than being surrounded by family and friends in our home, playing games, eating lovely food, and laughing the night away - not just at Christmas, any time of year really!

What are your plans this Christmas? I hope they are filled with happiness, hot chocolate, and of course pigs in blankets!!

*This was originally supposed to be an outfit post last week but I have been so ill that I haven't been able to take any outfit photos! So apologises for the last minute photos but I really wanted to share this post.


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