Thursday, 1 December 2016

How to stay inspired this Winter

 'Lack of direction, not lack of time
is often the problem.'

It's not uncommon that us bloggers tend to dread the clocks going back and the gloomier months kicking in as, for us, this means battling with lack of daylight to get the perfect shot. In hand with this then comes a lot of frustration, a lack of motivation and it can be really tricky to feel inspired. I've put together three little ways that help to inspire me, and they aren't just to be used in Winter, they can be used all year round, but I thought posting this now may give some of you that much needed boost!

B L O G L O V I N '

Bloglovin' has to be my number way to stay inspired recently. Even just reading the latest posts on my newsfeed help me to stay inspired, after all, there's a reason I follow these blogs, it's because they motivate me and generate ideas for my own blog posts! Not only do I use bloglovin' to keep up to date with the latest, I also use it to search for new blogs and find out what other people are writing about, subjects which I may have never even thought of before!

It's only recently that I've actually thought of new ideas and subjects to write about simply from reading a variety of blogs. Of course, I would never directly copy some one else's blog post, far from it! I just read through people's posts, think of ideas from it and often go off on a tangent and end up with something completely different! It's a great way to keep those creative juices flowing.


Looking through magazines are a great way to get ideas, especially if you are looking for different trends to try out or talk about on your blog. For me, I love looking at the photo shoots that the magazines produce. Of course I'll never be able to re-create that amazing shot taken somewhere half way across the world, but it certainly inspires me to look at the angles the photographer has captured, or the pose the model has taken, or even the contrast of colours and print within the outfit.

Just looking at the various photo shoots gives you instant ideas as they show something you may never have even imagined. A great thing to do when you find an inspiring page is to rip it out and put it into a folder for the next time you want to take some outfit photos. Or if you're not keen on ruining a magazine then you can always pop a post-it note on the appropriate page and go back to it.


Pinterest has to be my number one website when I am looking for any kind of inspiration. If you've not heard of it (where on earth have you been?!) it's a bit like an online magazine, so any images you see that you like you can 'pin' to a board on your profile ready for you to look back on at a later date.

There are thousands of images on so many various subjects that you are bound to find something that inspires you! And another great thing is that if you see an image you like on a completely different website, just download the 'pin it' button and you can pin it to your board!

I hope these points have been some-what helpful and given you a few ways to help you get out of that Winter slump! If you have any other ways that keep you inspired during the colder months then let me know in the comments!

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