Thursday, 22 December 2016

DIY Christmas Baubles

 'Get creative this Christmas!'
As you may have seen over on my YouTube channel I recently teamed up with one of my very good friends, Paige, to do a little Christmas DIY craft video. We both sent each other a box full of craft goodies and the other person had to make something Christmas related with them! To see my video and see what I created then head on over here, and so see Paige's creation then head on over here.

Within the box of goodies that Paige sent me there were a couple of large baubles that you can fill with whatever your heart desires, be it glitter, fake snow, tinsel, or even some chocolate treats! Unfortunately I didn't get to use these in the video for my DIY but I was still desperate to use them so I thought I would share a little Christmas DIY with you all, here on my blog.

Now, don't get too ahead of yourselves, this DIY is super simple and easy, even the most un-creative of people can do it! All you need are these baubles from Tiger (or some similar from another retailer) and whatever the hell you want to fill it with! Pop whatever it is inside the bauble, join it back together and then hang it on your tree for everyone to admire!

Yep, it really is that simple! So come on guys, get creative this Christmas and make something special to hang on your tree!

*Again, this post was supposed to be up last week but who knew we'd all be so ill right before Christmas?! There's still time to create this DIY or even save it for next year!

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