Monday, 7 November 2016

Girl Power

'Here's to strong women. May we know them,
may we be them, may we raise them.'

A couple of weeks ago I went out for dinner with Jack. We were greeted by a lovely waitress who showed us to a table and she looked at me and said 'I really love your hair colour, it's so nice!'. I must say I was a little taken back, but I felt so warm and grateful inside that another female had complimented me on my appearance, what a lovely thing to say! I have always been one to compliment others or ask where they got their outfit from as I think it looks nice, even when I don't know them, and it's very rare that you really see that happening. 

It prompted me to write this post because it frustrates me that women don't support each other as much as we should. I mean, I get it, not everyone is always going to get along, and that's fine, but since when was it okay to give someone evils or be nasty because you're jealous of what they've done or how they look? Why not congratulate them or give them a compliment, you never know it may actually make you feel better about yourself as well knowing that you may have made their day.

It honestly takes more effort to be mad or jealous of someone rather than just being nice. Being positive and kind to others in turn makes you feel good - fact. I strongly believe that women should stick together, praise each other and make the other person feel good about themselves, because you never really know what that person is going through behind closed doors.

So, how about it? Let's all be a little kinder to each other, you'll probably find you get more compliments back too which, let's face it, always puts a smile on our faces!

Scarf: Christmas Gift  //  Coat: Charity Shop  //  Pinafore Dress, Roll-neck Top & Boots: Primark  //  Bag: Camera Bag from Amazon

I really loved shooting this outfit, despite the freezing cold weather (incase you couldn't tell, haha!). I am loving the pretty, Autumnal colours in the trees and on fallen leaves right now. The fresh Autumn air seems to make me smile, as does this pretty pink pinafore dress! I paired it with a trusty cream roll-neck top, thick cardigan and tartan scarf just to top off the look.


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