Monday, 14 November 2016


'You cannot control the depth of a wound another 
soul inflicts upon you.' - Lang Leav 

This topic is one that I have been unable to write for many a month. I've never managed to find the right words to write them down, and to be honest I just wasn't in the right head space to do so until I came across this blog post by Hello Miss Jordan.

Losing a friend or falling out with someone is never easy. You hurt, you cry, you're angry and you mourn for that person. Even though they are still very much alive, they are no longer in your life, and that is something that often hurts the most.

Throughout the years I have lost friends, and most of the time it is not because of any fall out or hard feelings, just the fact that some people pass through your lives and aren't meant to stay. Other times I have stopped talking to people for a while and reconnected with them a year or so after and been friends with them ever since.

Falling out with someone you regard as a best friend is always the hardest. I personally feel that it is a very similar feeling to when you break up with someone you once loved/still love. Your heart is broken, you feel lost, damaged, depressed, and you need a lot of time to heal that wounded heart. All of these feelings and emotions are completely normal, after all you're only human. And although you won't be able to see it right away things will get easier without you even realising, and one day you'll think to yourself 'you know what, I'm okay'.

I finally feel as though I am in a better head space. A lot has happened this year, both good and bad, and losing a best friend has to be up there with one of the toughest. One of the most important things I have learnt is to grow from the experience and remember what it taught you. Friendships are valuable, but some aren't meant to stay forever.

Fur, Chocker, Bag, Boots: New Look  //  Coat: Charity Shop  //  T-shirt: Primark  //  Belt: Handed down from my Mum

This weeks outfit is one that I have been loving recently. The temperature here in the UK has plummeted and that, for me, means layering! This outfit is one that I always seem to turn to lately as I just love how the plain white t-shirt looks under the floral, lace-edged playsuit. The tartan coat has been a favourite of mine for a couple of years now after finding it in a charity shop and I love how it looks paired with this fur stole!


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