Friday, 28 October 2016

Making the most of the rest of the year

'Why wait until the new year to make a change?'

Today I wanted to share a video I recently watched over on Rochelle Fox's channel. She talks about how she has gone through years in the past not really achieving the goals that she wanted to, every year seems to be the same, and she thinks 'I'll just wait until the new year and then I'll achieve my goals'. This really spoke to me as it's something I seem to do every year too. 

For some reason the last few years I've had a crappy start to the year and then it tends to pick up when August/September begin, and rather than putting my all into the rest of the year to achieve what I set out to do in January, I just mill along until the new year comes around again and then set the same old dreaded new years resolutions. Well, not this time!

Rochelle speaks about why we shouldn't wait for a new year and why we should just go for it from now and carry it on in the new year, I mean after all, why should we wait for a new year to give us a fresh start? For me, this year was all about following my dreams and (typically) to eat healthier and exercise regularly, but as you can imagine this hasn't happened, and I'm sure I'm not the only one!

Since late last year and early this year my anxiety flared up pretty bad, so much so that in August I confided in my doctor, something which I've not had to do before because it's always been under control. When I visited my doctor she ran through some questions with me and told me I am also suffering with mild depression, something which, unfortunately, can often come hand in hand with anxiety. This didn't surprise me too much as I knew something was up and I had a feeling I may have been suffering with depression, but having a doctor confirm it made me feel better, like I wasn't just over-thinking things. 

Since then I have been taking some mood levelling tablets, just ones that you can buy from Holland and Barrett, and they seemed to improve my mood almost straight away and I started to feel like I was getting my old self back. It's still early days and I often have my moments, something which I mention in this weeks vlog, but I'm determined to pull through and get back to the happy, confident, positive person that I am.

The reason I want to share this video with you is so that hopefully if any of you are struggling in any way like I have been this year, then maybe this will inspire you to try and live the rest of this year to it's fullest. Try and achieve those goals you set in January, or atleast make a start so that you don't have to completely start a new in the new year. We have just over two months left of this year, do you really want to be hanging around for two months longing to do something you've always wanted to do but not doing it because you're waiting for 2017? Why wait? Make yourself happy now and end this year on a high!

I had a couple of new years resolutions at the start of 2016, but the one thing that I am going to focus on for the rest of the year is eating healthier than I usually would and making a conscious effort to exercise atleast 3 times per week. The reason I've chosen to focus on this is 1) because I'm getting married next year and although my dress fits perfectly, I know I would look and feel more confident if I toned up, and 2) because I know exercising will improve my mood and make me feel less lazy!

I really hope this video and post help some of you out there and inspire you to not hold back, enjoy the rest of the year, and finish on a high! Click here to watch the video (skip to 5:15 if you just want to hear what I've mentioned) and subscribe to her channel as she is awesome and so inspirational!

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