Friday, 3 June 2016

Date Ideas - Day & Night

In need of some date ideas? Look no further!

I think it's so important to have Date night's (or days) with your loved one every now and then. Making time for each other can be tough, especially when your fiancé works 6 days a week (!!), so making that commitment to a set day or night of the month is good for any relationship.

I have put together some fun date ideas to try out, as it's no fun doing the same thing over and over again! These ideas would also be great for first dates as there's nothing worse then going to the cinema and not being able to even talk to your date!


1. A pic nic in the park!

Nothing beats a pic nic in the park sat on a checkered blanket on the grass with all of your favourite treats in a basket! There is just something so special, yet so simple, about going for a pic nic with a loved one. What better way to pass the time with your other half than stuffing your face with your favourite foods and laughing all afternoon! Let's just hope that the whether stays dry, nobody likes soggy sandwiches!

2. Art Galleries

Personally I don't think it matters whether you are massively into your art or not, visiting art galleries is always a fun thing to do and seeing other peoples work can often open your mind and inspire you. There are plenty of art galleries around, especially in London, however it's always a good idea to check out your local town as you never know, you may find a small gallery in the area. For me, visiting art galleries is a bit of escapism and I always enjoy sharing that moment with someone as you always find that you start to bounce ideas off of each other (note to self, visit more galleries!).

3. Aquarium/Zoo

I feel like this is always a safe bet when going on a date as everyone loves seeing animals, they're always doing something funny which is sure to break the ice if you are on a first date. It's fun, light-hearted, and something different from the norm.


1. Wine tasting/cocktail making

Obviously you need to be old enough to drink alcohol in the first place before trying these, but wine tasting and cocktail making is such a fun experience, and you never know you may find out you are a wine conesuer or cocktail making queen! These evenings can be quite pricey but it's certainly something different to try!

2. Ice-skating/roller disco

Of course ice-skating can be done in the daytime too, but there is just something about going in the evening that makes it special. It's a great place to have some fun and laugh at each other! The same goes with roller disco, although I think these events are only on in the evenings. Whether you're a complete pro or a complete novice, you are bound to leave with your sides aching from laughing so much!

3. Sunset on the beach

First of all, what an impression this would make for a first date! I know I'd certainly be impressed! This sort of falls in-line with the pic nic idea as, again, it would be great to have all of your favourite treats to eat, but on top of that you're watching a sunset (how romantic?!). It may get slightly chilly as the evening comes but take a blanket and you can both snuggle up whilst watching the sun go down.


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