Monday, 18 April 2016

5 Positives - moving to a new town.

All images taken by me of Salisbury, Wiltshire.

As I've mentioned in my previous post, myself and my fiancé recently moved to Salisbury. Moving to a new city has got me thinking about the positive points of moving away from your home town. Sometimes moving away from where you grew up, even if it's not that far (it's only a 45 minute drive from Salisbury to Southampton), makes you feel uncomfortable, anxious and unsettled, but there are plenty of positives about moving as well, here are a few that I have collated so far:

1. It doesn't feel alien for long.

I only moved away from my home town 3 weeks ago and already I feel pretty settled in my new home. To be honest I have surprised myself as I thought it would take me a lot longer. Usually I'm not keen on change. It makes me feel anxious and uncomfortable, leading to me feeling quite down-in-the-dumps, but since moving I've been okay. I think a big part of it is reminding yourself of why you made the choice to move, or if you didn't make that choice then thinking of all the positives, which I'll move onto.

2. It's fun to explore!

Being able to explore a new town is so exciting, especially if you don't know much about the area. It's a great excuse to get outdoors, find your feet and discover where everything is (your fav clothing shop is, of course, the most important thing!). You can wander the streets for hours and not get bored because you have no idea what is around the corner! And what's more, it's the best way to find those sweet, little, hidden-gem shops!

3. New places to eat.

Moving to a new town is great for finding cute little cafe's to brunch, or even trying out new restaurants. The best part is that you have no one else's opinion to sway yours. You can go into each place with an open mind and find out for yourself if it suits your taste buds! You could even treat is as a game and tick off the restaurants as you go, marking whether they were any good or not for future reference.

4. You get to meet new people.

Now, the thought of meeting new people or having to make new friends in the area can seem daunting, but why not embrace it? Enjoy getting to know someone new, whether that be a work colleague or a stranger you bump into and make light conversation. Nine times out of ten the person you speak to will be nice back to you. It's all about making the effort.

5. It's a place to start a fresh.

This isn't necessarily everyone's reason for moving. I was perfectly happy where I was back at home, but there's usually always something niggling at you and being in your home comforts can distract you from doing it. Now this could be anything, from starting the gym, eating well, starting a new hobby, whatever it is, moving away from your home comforts could be just the push you needed to start whatever it was you were putting off. For me it's getting fit and eating well. So far the eating well hasn't gone quite to plan, but I have worked out 5 days a week for the last week so I'm feeling like I'm onto something.

I hope you enjoyed reading my 5 positives when moving to a new town. If you'd like to see more points then let me know, I'm sure I'll think of more once I've been here a little longer. Have you recently moved away from your home town? Did it take you long to settle in? I'd love to know :)


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