Monday, 19 October 2015

Christmas Bouquet | Prestige Flowers

Hey lovelies! So this post I have wanted to do for a few days now as I wanted to give a full review on these beautiful flowers I was sent from Prestige Flowers, but my laptop ended up dyeing over the weekend so me and Jack spontaneously went and bought an iMac last minute (I have been struggling with my laptop for well over a year!). It was very much touch and go with my laptop not working and I was so worried I wouldn't be able to get a hold of these images but luckily the laptop had a spark of life this morning so I managed to quickly transfer them onto my hard-drive.

So anyway, this amazing Christmas bouquet of flowers was delivered to me a week and a half ago from Prestige Flowers. They are seriously gorgeous, I was blown away when I saw them! I love the fact that they feel not only Christmassy but also romantic so if you are buying these for a partner over the Christmas period they would be perfect!

They were delivered in a large box so not to damage the flowers and they also had a smaller gift bag inside too which is great if you wanted the flowers delivered to you to then give to someone else. One of the things I loved about this bouquet is that the flowers were wrapped in a thin silver wire which really added something different and made the whole bouquet just look that much more special.

A surprise little gift was also included in the package and it was a small box of chocolates which I thought was a really lovely touch, especially if you plan on giving the flowers as a gift it's a nice little extra.

The bouquet lasted really well and the price of all of the bouquets on the Prestige Flowers website is so reasonable! Especially when most of them come with a box of chocolates, and sometime even a vase! I would definitely recommend heading over to this website if you are looking for a lovely bouquet of flowers for any occasion, I've certainly mentioned it to my fiance a few times...hint, hint anyone? ;)

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