Saturday, 19 September 2015


So, I must admit, I have been pretty behind on the whole 'blogging scene' but I think that was partly due to the way my blog looked. I have been working really hard on my YouTube making sure I upload a video every Sunday and my subscribers have increased dramatically over the past two weeks, which was a real shock but an amazing surprise non-the-less! But my blog certainly took a back burner. Now that I've got a new blog template a feel a lot happier about my blog, as it was never the content that bothered me I could just never get the look of it right! I hope you like the new layout, let me know in the comments what you think.

I went to Scotland around a month ago now with my two best friends Amy & Charlie. Charlie actually moved to Scotland and Amy has moved to Germany so it's hard for us to see each other these days but a few days in Scotland was just what we needed!

I've not been to Scotland before but always dreamed of going, I'm not too sure why there's just something about it. Fortunately for us the whether was a dream and was hot every day that we were there, apart from the day we left...sorry Scotland we took the sun with us back down south!

We went to both Glasgow and Edinburgh and both cities are pretty impressive! I love all of the old buildings and the fact that there is so much land! Living in Southampton any space soon gets filled with new homes so it was nice to see some open space and beautiful views.

Next stop is Germany!

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