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I started this blog a number of years ago (2010 to be exact!) and I have been in and out of it for all this time. Partly due to time, being in university then working silly hours full time, but partly because I guess I just wasn't pushing myself to be committed and be a part of the blogging community.

I suffer with very mild anxiety compared to some, so isn't somthing I want to dwell on too much in this post (I'll save that for another time) but it definitely has an effect on my blogging because I'm always to too scared to even tweet someone thinking they'll be annoyed at me, when really what's the worst that could happen? They don't reply to your tweet, big deal atleast you made an effort to start a conversation! These are things than run through my mind quite frequently when it comes to blogging. It even leads to me not interacting and asking questions when it comes to a blogger meet up because I'm scared of going on my own or worried I'll be the loner in the corner, but this is something I want to change.

I have always loved blogging, even when I wasn't blogging I was thinking of posts I could do for when I eventually started it up again. One of my main issues when it came to blogging was organisation. I used to be so organised when I was younger but as soon as college and university hit I seemed to lose it (probably because of the huge work load! Where do I start?!).

Recently, thanks to my work colleagues, I seem to have found my spark again. It started with my YouTube channel. The guys at work always think of video's I could do, which is so useful as you have an outsiders point view and get to hear what they like to watch. This meant that I was uploading weekly and in-turn getting more and more subscribers. It is still very early days as I have been consistent for the past 2 months now but I have almost hit 1,000 subs which is an amazing achievement for me, so if you haven't already please give me a cheeky subscribe ;) haha!

Seeing as I was becoming a regular on the YouTube scene it felt only right that I fully commit myself to my blog too, but for this I felt like I would need some help. I got on to Pinterest (my fav website of all time!) and searched for blog organizers, pages that would help me plan out my blog and when they would go live etc. I found this gem called 'My Blog Planner' and it literally had so many different pages to offer that before I knew it I was printing it off! This has been a massive help for me recently as it keeps me on track and I also bought a new journal to store all my ideas in too.

Another aspect to help me get organised was my work space. Previous to now I have had my sewing machine and over-locker on my desk and my laptop on my sofa, not the best way to get inspired. I decided to put the sewing machines back in their boxes and just get them out as and when I need them and keep my laptop on my desk to make it into a proper working area. This has also helped me loads over the last week or so as I feel like working at a desk makes such a difference and I get so much done, and not to mention the motivational quotes!

The final aspect of getting organised was to change my blog template. In my eyes if you're not happy with the way your blog looks are you ever really going to enjoy blogging on it? Probably not. I have tried quite a few different headers and layouts in my time of blogging but nothing sat right with me and I came to the conclusion that I would need to spend a little to get a professional looking blog. I did some research and came across 'Pipdig' and website committed to blog templates for Blogspot and Wordpress. It took me and good few days, and a slight input from Jack, to find the perfect template for me and my blog. They don't have an overwhelming number of templates which I think is good because you can tend to get lost in it all and end up not knowing what the hell you were looking for in the first place! I'd narrowed it down to two templates, 'The Grid' and 'Venture'.

The Grid I liked because you can see all of the blog posts before you choose which to read first, infact Corrie from Dizzy Brunette has this template and it looks great! Venture I liked because I love the array of images at the top before you start reading and I always liked Carrie's blog header, from WishWishWish, when she had the slideshow at the top of her blog. For me it was all about longevity, which of these templates could I see myself having over the next couple of years? Seeing as I have always liked the slideshow effect I went for 'Venture' and I am so glad I did as I am loving the look of my blog now.

If you haven't heard of Pipdig before and are interested in updating your blog template then I would definitely recommend you have a look. You do have to pay for these templates so bare that in mind. but once you have the template it is yours, saved to your computer/laptop, and you can change the fonts, colour, link hover, anything!

So there we have it. A new template, a new mindset, another chapter to Silent Sweetheart.

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