Monday, 6 July 2015


Hello lovelies! This post is actually a little overdue as I didn't manage to blog through the week last week but, from Friday 26th me and Jack went to Paris for our 7 year anniversary!! I was a bit apprehensive whether we would be able to afford it or not as Jack has recently changed jobs, but boy was he determined that we were going! Luckily we managed to save enough money in time and it was the best weekend!!

Jack has always been keen to go to Paris as he has never been and because I had been twice previous I couldn't wait to show him all the sights! I thought about doing this post in two parts as there are a lot of images to share but I decided to put it all in one post and just show my fav images! Now, first thing's first, as you're about to see, I can now cross another thing off my 25 before 25 list!!

That's right! After 7 years Jack asked me to marry him and I said yes!! Although I had a little inkling that it was going to happen I managed to tell myself it wasn't before we went so when he asked I was so shocked and completely taken back! He proposed on Friday 26th which meant we spent the whole weekend engaged, it was perfect! (You'll have to excuse the quality of some of these images as they were taken on my phone!)

Of course we went to all of the famous sights and got way too snap happy but I didn't want to bombard you so I hope you've enjoyed the particular few that I've shared :)

Here's to many more trips to Paris with my fiancé ;)


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