Sunday, 21 June 2015

Gym Bunny

Hey sweets, so as you may have seen in my 'Twenty Five Before Twenty Five' post I vowed to join the gym and get fit. Since turning 24 (maybe a little bit before) my body started changing and developing again into a more womanly figure, I mean my hips got wider as though my body was preparing me for pregnancy! A nice thought as me and Jack often talk about the future and having kids, but nothing I'm quite ready for just yet! Also since working in an office I have put on a stone in weight!! Anyone who works or has worked in an office previously will know the struggle!

I've been going to the gym now almost a month, so not long at all, but I wanted to keep you guys updated with my progress and how I'm finding it etc. At the moment I am going to the gym on Saturdays and Sunday's before 9am as it's lovely and peaceful and during the week after work I get myself in an anxious state because I know it will be busy. Having said that I make sure I do home workouts at every opportunity during the week to keep me going.

So I guess this a bit of an introduction to my fitness, and to help motivate me and see the progress. I'm not overweight and I know that - I'm not one of those girls who complains about 'being fat' etc, they'll be non of that around here thank you very much! For me it's about getting healthy, get toned and most of all learning to love my body again. Since my body has changed I haven't felt comfortable, not even infront of Jack sometimes! So it's time to push past that and love who I am and who I am becoming as a woman :)

Have any of you guys joined the gym recently or started to get fit? If so I'd love some tips seeing as I'm just starting out :)

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