Wednesday, 24 June 2015


Hey loves, today I thought I would share my experience with Glossybox so far. I remember years and years ago I had a voucher for a free box and although I was pleased with the products I didn't sign up to it for some reason and now I'm wondering why!

Me and my friend Hayley from work signed up last month as a little mid-month treat for ourselves. It's such a good deal because you pay £13.25 per month (including p&p) and you get £30 worth of beauty products to try!

So the box above ^^^ is from May. It held a good selection including a lipstick, nail varnish, eyeliner, dry shampoo and a moisturizer. The eyeliner I am yet to use as it's a light blue one side and navy the other so better suited for a night out than every day use. The lipstick is okay but it might get some getting used to as it's not usually my colour, maybe better for blondes, and I'm currently using the moisturizer for every day use in the mornings on my face and it's more of a gel which is unusual but I like it.

The box below is from this month, June. This month it was festival themed, hence the body tattoos which I am yet to use but they look quite cool. The face mist is lovely! It is so refreshing and the best part is that it keeps your make up in place too! The face wipes are really refreshing too and are great for taking your make up off with ease. The nail varnish is a pretty colour, I currently have it on my toes and the anti-cellulite moisturizer I am yet to use but Hayley has used it and said it is really firming and tightening which is good - and you don't just have to use it if you have cellulite as it helps to prevent it too!

Have any of you had Glossybox in the past or are subscribed to it now? Personally I think signing up to Glossybox is a great idea if you're like me and want to try new things but don't want to spend a fortune to find out you don't like something! It's also a good pick me up during the month or could be a great present for someone you know :)

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