Sunday, 7 June 2015


Hello lovelies,

So yesterday I drove up to London to see my pal Paige (I'm sure you all know her from Paige Joanna) as I haven't visited since she moved there in March. We decided to do some scrapbooking together whilst having a good old catch up!

Me and Paige have always been lovers of Polaroid cameras (it's actually quite scary sometimes just how similar we are!) so what better way for two creative people to store them than in scrapbooks! It's a great way to document all of your photos, even if they aren't Polaroids, so that you can look back on them and remember the memories that came with that day and even to show to your children eventually!

Unfortunately I didn't take my camera as I had bags and bags full of paper, ribbons, tape and much, much more for the day, so I thought I'd photograph it all today to give you an idea of how I got on with my scrapbook (and before anyone mentions it, yes I did spell 'beach' wrong, doh!)

Whilst I was there we popped into Paperchase and I couldn't resist buying the scrapbook below as it is right up my street! It is perfect for me as I'm sure you all know I am into my fashion and sewing so I am excited to fill it, hopefully with my progress of starting my own business (as soon as I get my arse in gear!!).

To my surprise the book was only £14!! Being much bigger than your usual scrapbook I was expecting it to be around £20, maybe even a little more expensive, but I think being well priced just made me want to buy it even more!

Apologies for the heavy photo content today but I couldn't help but show every cute detail possible from both scrapbooks! Be sure to watch this space as I'm sure they'll be plenty of updates along the way!


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