Saturday, 27 September 2014

135. Two peas in a pod

Me - Hat, Cardigan, Jeans & Shoes:  New Look  //  Top: River Island
Jack - Everything: New Look

Hey loves,

Today me and Jack popped into town to buy a few things and have a little browse. Jack ended up buying a hat pretty similar to mine which was really funny as we didn't even notice until we were out of the shop and he put it on!! I thought Jack looked really nice today so I asked if he would like to be on my blog so I can show you guys his style. He really loves to try out new looks and be different and I love it when I can be his personal shopper/stylist! 

Tomorrow's post will also involve Jack too as he has created a really, really cool gift idea for Christmas! I won't reveal anything yet so you'll have to pop back tomorrow to find out what the hell I'm talking about! Haha!

I have to say I am so, so glad I am more organised with my blog and YouTube channel. It's something that makes me so happy to do and I am so gutted I have let it slip so often over the years as I look at other bloggers and wonder where I would be if I have kept it a constant thing since I started back in 2010. Having said that, everything happens for a reason and I am just happy to be back blogging again. It's still early days but here's hoping I can keep it up, and this time for good!

I hope you are all well lovelies! Speak soon!

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