Sunday, 24 August 2014

The secret is out...

Hello lovelies,

Long time no see, well, I guess there’s no change there then...

Well anyway, I have been in my new job for just over three months now and yesterday was the first time all of the girls in my team found out about my blog, the blogging world and my YouTube channel.

It all came about when we were talking about my future of creating my own business in clothing etc as some of the girls didn’t know about my fashion background. They asked me what the name of my company would be and then it all sort of unravelled from there really. There was no hesitation; they were all typing away coming over to my blog to have a good look, haha! It was a little nerve-wracking I must say but they were all so complimentary about my blog and videos and photos etc that it made me really proud of what I do and made me realise just how much I have let it all slip away just because I work more hours now. No one said having a full time job on top of a full time blog would be easy, but with everything that has gone on this year I guess my blog just sort of got pushed to the back of my mind and almost (not quite, but almost) dare I say it...forgotten about.

It’s quite ironic really as I planned to film a few video’s this weekend for my YouTube channel and the girls finding out about it all just made me realise how happy blogging makes me and how much of an escape it is for me. A place to share my thoughts, share my loves and sometimes vent a little too! I have missed it so much!! Even writing this rambly, out-of-touch post puts a smile on my face.

I’m not saying I’ll be blogging loads from now on, but atleast once a week to begin with until I plan my time a bit better with juggling my job and my blog. It just makes you realise how important it is to do what you love and never let go of it as it makes you who you are. Definitely something I've been reminded off this weekend J

Anyway, enough of the rambles. I just want to end this post by saying thank you to my work colleagues (if any of them are reading this!). Thank you for taking an interest in my blog and giving me a bit of spark and motivation back to blog again. And yes, you can all be in a vlog one day ;) haha! I am having a lot of fun working at my new job, they really are like one big family and I’m proud to say that I am now a part of that. Also, if you’re looking for life insurance then head on over to and get your life protected ;) (biggest plug non-related to my blog EVER!)

Speak soon sweets,

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