Sunday, 13 July 2014

The flat tour is finally here!

Hey sweets,

So I guess it seems inevitable that a tour of the flat is due, right?! I have been putting it off for weeks because there are still lots of bits and pieces we would like to buy for the flat, like a floor lamp hanging over the sofa for instance (one day!). However, yesterday I re-jigged the furniture in the living room as we wanted to make a little divide between the kitchen and living room to make it more cosy and not so open. I am so, so happy with the result that it instantly made me want to film a flat tour video and finally show off our flat to you guys! It is now live on my YouTube channel so check it out above or head over to my channel to thumbs up and subscribe!!

Before the living space was very open and to be honest pretty bland. The sofa was against the radiator with the coffee table infront and the TV stand on the opposite wall with the desk being shoved in the corner. Now it just looks so much more homely and welcoming! There are still a few pieces of furniture that we would like to get, like a draw cabinet in the bathroom and a bookcase for the living room (and not to mention my lamp!) but we'll slowly get there.

You may have also noticed 2 little kittens running around the flat. Yes, that's right, we couldn't go long without some pets running around and with the nod from our landlady we were over the moon the buy these little cuties to expand our family (that's right Jack, no baby for you just yet!! hehe). A video and blog post of the kittens will be coming shortly with a proper introduction, don't you worry!!

For now though, all that is left to say is me and Jack FINALLY got some internet and as of the 28th we should have it up and running in the flat. Goodness knows how we've gone so long without it! I miss blogging and filming soo much!! 

I hope you're all well, speak to you soon lovelies,

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