Sunday, 22 June 2014

131. Forest Florals

Top & Shorts: DIY/Self Made  //  Sunglasses, Bag & Shoes:  New Look

Hey sweets,

There is no other way to describe the weather recently than ‘lush’. And maybe the phrase ‘Golly gosh, I haven’t seen consecutive weather in Britain like this since I was 10!’. The glorious sun has been shinning down on us giving us all some much needed Vitamin D. This is the time when the British seize the chance at showing some skin (some a little more than others...) and usually succeed at the good old, unwanted, tan lines. Will we ever learn? Probably not...

I love this time of year as I think it puts everyone in a better mood when the sun has got his hat on (hip-hip-hip-horray!). The legs are out, the sunnies are on and Pimms is usually flowing. The smell of barbeque in the air and the sound of laughter is enough to put anyone in a good mood.

Today’s attire is a 2 piece that I made myself a little while ago. I have a couple like this now and they are just so easy to wear and accessorize, minimum effort is required. I actually bought this material in a charity shop and just fell in love with its deep floral pattern, great for any season. With the trim around the neck being black it was a no-brainer that I would accessorise today’s outfit with my black backpack and trusty black sunglasses. I was originally wearing my lower, pointy black sandals which are Limited Edition from New Look last year but after a little shopping with my darling friend, Tate, I came home with these beauties on my feet! What a perfect accompaniment with my outfit.

I also had my hair trimmed yesterday and thank goodness as I was finding it hard to see through my long fringe! If you fancy seeing how that turned out then just take a look at my lastest YouTube video, it says it all! One of my bestest friends, Becky, cuts my hair and I love the way she straightens it afterwards. I always feel like a new woman when I’ve had my hair done, like I can take on anything! Well, maybe not quite...

I hope you’re all having a lovely time enjoying the sunshine like I am! What have you lot been up to?

Speak soon sweets,

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