Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Moving day!!

Hey beauts,

So yesterday me and Jack moved all (or most!) of our belongings into our new flat. It was such an emotional day with highs and lows (mainly highs of course!!). Anyone who has moved before will know just how stressful it is and how on earth do you have so much stuff crammed into just one room?! It baffles me. We did snap at each other quite a bit throughout the day, but to be honest me and Jack have been together so long now that our bickering is soon forgotten and we're all smiles again!

We had a few friends and family over in the evening for food and a few drinks (the wine was certainly flowing after eating barely anything all day!) which was lovely. It's so surreal being in our own place after dreaming about it for so long, especially when you've spent your whole life in one house! But we're super happy and cannot wait to settle in and have everything in it's own place.

We did a little vlog from the past two days and made it into a video for my YouTube channel so if you're nosey like me then have a little look, and don't worry a flat tour will soon follow! ;)

I am off to Ibiza for a hen doo tomorrow so I will be gone until Sunday (or longer if the internet isn't set up!). Have a great week and I will speak to you soon lovely :)


Saturday, 24 May 2014

Packing, and more packing

Hello my lovelies,

Long time no see! If you have been keeping up with my YouTube channel you'll have seen my recent video's where I explained all in my life at the moment. If you haven't then head on over by clicking here, and maybe give me a cheeky little 'thumbs up' and subcribe if you're feeling generous :)

So, I'll try not to make this blog post to boring but basically I have been packing a lot recently, especially today, as me and Jack are moving into our first flat together on Monday!! This is something we have dreamed about for so long and now it's finally happening it's all rather surreal!

We did intend on moving to Brighton when we got our first place together, however Jack's job and apprenticeship is going really well (he's well on the way to becoming a licensed tattoo artist!!) so we decided we would stay down here a little longer, and not to mention the new building's going up in the village next to us were looking rather appealing! I ended up getting a job within three weeks of being unemployed (I was going mad without a job!!), something I have never done before and never thought I would do, or even like, but I'm really enjoying it so far and the money has it's chances of being really good too so I'd be silly to turn it down! And with a little hope of one day living in the new building's in the next village, we did it! We put a holding fee down and saved up a lot of money in the last three weeks and now we're moving in in under two days!!

It's been a manic May what with all the packing and flat arrangements, but also because my Dad had a pretty serious operation on Thursday. But the good news is that it all went well and he's now on the road to recovery! (Horray!! Could things be looking up for the Lee family?!) I am so proud of his whole positive attitude throughout the end of last year until now, he has been such an inspiration and has kept me going throughout his illness. I couldn't be a prouder daughter :')

Anywhoo, I'm off to see him in hospital now so I will catch up with you guys in a few days when you can have a little nosey into mine and Jack's moving day!!

Speak to you soon sweets,
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