Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Braces Update - Second Tightening

Hello my loves,

Yesterday I had my braces tightened for the second time and as promised I filmed another video update for you. Can you believe I have had them on for two months already?! It's crazy how much the time has flown and how much my teeth have moved already!! Even my dentist was pleasantly surprised at how well they have moved already so that made me happy :)

My dentist changed both wires (top and bottom) again like he did last time, however I think he said something about putting on a stronger wire, whatever that means?! I'm assuming it works harder to move my teeth but I could be completely wrong so don't quote me on that! Anyway, I mention in my video that I wasn't experiencing any pain yet, however 1 day on and my teeth are a little tender. No achey pain luckily, just a little pain when eating more solid foods, and after eating too. Apart from that all is well and I am extremely pleased with my progress. I'll have straight teeth before you know it!!

Speak soon lovelies,


  1. I just got metal braces and I’m glad found your videos I like your smile.

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