Monday, 21 April 2014

130. Always look on the bright side of life

Jumper & Trousers: Zara  //  Shoes: New Look

Hello my beauties!

Happy Easter Monday to you all! Another outfit of the day for you, aren't I being good this weekend?! Quite a simple outfit for today's post as it's hard to know what to wear at the moment with this kind of weather. Do you risk layering up and becoming to hot and stripping off in the middle of the day? Or do you wear too little and risk being cold for the rest of the day? That's why outfits like this are good because you have a happy medium. These trousers are super comfy and very light-weight and thin, meaning even on the hottest of days you'll still feel pretty comfortable and care free, and contrasting to that I have a thick-ish quilted jumper on from Zara but it has short sleeves to give you that balance. And of course if a miracle were to happen and the temperature suddenly raised you can take the jumper off and reveal a t-shirt or little cami to cool you down (but let's face it, the chances of that happening in Britain is very slim!).

As for the shoes, I thought I would wear my chunky sandals from New Look last year (although they are back in this year! Woo!) to add a bit of an edge to an otherwise pretty simple outfit. As you can see I had a lot of fun taking these outfit photos and thought I would share them with you. I was in a pretty good mood which always helps and as depressing as it sounds is sort of a rare occasion these days what with everything going on, BUT we must always look on the brighter side of life especially when things are out of our control.

Also, one more thing, I mentioned in a video that I would do a blog post on how to get yourself out of a rut and I haven't forgotten about that, I will write it up very soon and get it published for you but I think it might take a little while.

Speak to you soon lovelies,

Sunday, 20 April 2014

Happy Easter!

Hey beauts,

I just wanted to wish you all a Happy Easter! I hope you've all had a great day whatever you have been up to and stuff yourselves silly with chocolate tonight :P

Speak to you soon lovelies,

Saturday, 19 April 2014

129. Let's make this happen

Blouse: Cameo Rose  //  Jumper: Vintage  //  Jeans, Sunglasses, Rucksack & Shoes: New Look

Hey loves,

I sort of threw this outfit on yesterday, experimenting slightly, and I really liked the outcome so I thought I would take some outfit photos (something which I haven't done in a long time!) and share it with you. I have always been a fan of collars poking out from underneath vintage jumpers, even looking back on baby photos I apparently rocked it, and that certainly has not changed. I especially love this combo using my short-sleeved lilac jumper as I think the white from the collar brings out the white within the embellished flowers on the jumper and just adds a bit of interest. At first I wasn't sure on the jeans with the top half as they're patterned, but again it brings out the white pattern and just sort After that it was a case of accessorizing with monochrome pieces like my sunglasses and bag and these gorgeous little heels from New Look which I cannot stop wearing recently!

I hope you are all having a lovely Easter weekend! Enjoy lots of chocolate and treats, the healthy eating can start on Tuesday ;)

Speak to you soon sweets,


Friday, 18 April 2014

New Look, Topshop & UO Haul & Gifts!

Hello my lovelies,

Yesterday I filmed a little haul video as it has been ages since I did one so I thought I would update you on what I have been buying and also a few little presents I have received from my New Look buddies and Jack's Mum :) I hope you enjoy the video! I have added in a couple of photos at the end of this post of my wine glass as I forgot to add in a little film clip so that you can see the writing that is engraved onto the glass :)


Speak to you tomorrow when I have an outfit post!

Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Braces Update - Second Tightening

Hello my loves,

Yesterday I had my braces tightened for the second time and as promised I filmed another video update for you. Can you believe I have had them on for two months already?! It's crazy how much the time has flown and how much my teeth have moved already!! Even my dentist was pleasantly surprised at how well they have moved already so that made me happy :)

My dentist changed both wires (top and bottom) again like he did last time, however I think he said something about putting on a stronger wire, whatever that means?! I'm assuming it works harder to move my teeth but I could be completely wrong so don't quote me on that! Anyway, I mention in my video that I wasn't experiencing any pain yet, however 1 day on and my teeth are a little tender. No achey pain luckily, just a little pain when eating more solid foods, and after eating too. Apart from that all is well and I am extremely pleased with my progress. I'll have straight teeth before you know it!!

Speak soon lovelies,

Monday, 7 April 2014

Life Update & Future Plans

Hello my lovelies,

I did a little 'Life Update' video which went live on my YouTube channel yesterday so I thought I would write a little post to go along side it and talk about some of the points I missed out in the video. I sort of see this video as a little stepping stone back into the blogging world to give you a little bit of background as to where I have been and my plans for the future. For some reason I sort of like to 'set the scene' if you will for my readers, after all this is a fashion and lifestyle blog!

Now I know I did a little 'Life Update' blog post not so long ago but 1. I didn't do a video to go with it so it was all pretty much kept under wraps still and 2. A lot has changed since that blog post believe it or not! So basically if you have watched the video before reading this you will get a jist on what has been going on in my life and how it has affected my motivation to blog and create videos etc. Some of the things I forgot to mention were just small things like not all New Look workers work night shifts. As far as I am aware at the moment it is just New Look Southampton Visual Merchandising team. We work 2 nights and 3 days a week so it is very tiring and stressful and it's hard for your body to keep up with the late finishes and early starts, plus we rarely get out on time which is also very annoying!! Haha! And another point I didn't really mention was the fact that I am looking for a new job because Monday-Friday day shifts would be much better suited to support my family with helping around the house etc whilst keeping a happy medium of spending time with them. Lastly, I would never usually leave a job before finding another one first but I was just so unhappy, completely not myself and I was unhealthy and lost some weight, probably due to the early days of having braces alongside the stress, but overall I just wasn't myself and I hated it.

I think that is possibly everything I didn't cover. This is in no way a cry for attention or sympathy, I have amazing friends and a loving boyfriend who have supported me through out and kept me going, not to mention the most positive, inspiring and brave family that I am so proud to be a part of :)

So here's to more blog posts and video's and getting back on that blogging band-wagon! Oh and a nudge in the right direction for my future business too :)

Speak to you soon lovelies,
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