Monday, 17 February 2014

LFW & Valentines Day

Hello lovelies,

I hope you all had a lovely valentines day on Friday whether you spent it with your partner, your friends or your family. I was fortunate enough to be invited to Ong-Oaj Pairam's show at London Fashion Week so I was super, super excited about that! It was my first ever invite to a show at LFW and I was so surprised that I had even been invited! I honestly felt so privileged and of course couldn't pass up the opportunity to go! 

Me and Jack exchanged cards and gifts in the morning. I got him the most amazing card (even if I do say so myself) which is also a little personal joke of ours and he got me the flowers and Date Night Fund pot which I thought was the sweetest thing as we never get to spend enough quality time together or treat ourselves. It can hold up to £1000!! So if we managed to fill it it could be our ticket out of Southampton!

After asking Jack a thousand times to join me in London for the day he eventually agreed (I think promising a meal in China town did it!) I only had one invite to the show so Jack entertained himself by drawing up some tattoo design commissions in a cafe whilst I felt super out of my depth surrounded by fashionista's in Freemason's Hall, but also really proud that I was there, soaking in the atmosphere. Unfortunately I hadn't managed to change my shutter speed on my camera (I really must learn how to do that!) by the time the show started so my photo's aren't the best. I feel like a bit of a let down attending an amazing LFW show and coming away with no great photos to show for it, however if I am lucky enough to get invited to any in the future I will be prepared, I promise!! I was gutted as I was frantically snapping away and they weren't snapping quick enough!! (has this happened to anyone else? Such a pain in the ass!). I loved the new collection exploring the fascination with danger inspired by Ursula from The Little Mermaid, especially the flowing dresses at the end, it's well worth a look! Anyway, I had the most amazing time being there and it just made me realise how much I want to do this. It has always been my dream to attend LFW whether it be working backstage, being invited to a show or attending as a blogger, I want to be there, and I feel that this has been a little stepping stone towards my dream, so thank you Katchthis for the invite, I cannot thank you enough!

After the show I went and met Jack in Cafe Nero for a hot chocolate and cheeky slice of wheat and gluten free chocolate cake (yum!). Jack was still drawing and I was sat there with a goofy smile on my face thinking about how fortunate I had been, when low and behold the beautiful Sammi from The Beauty Crush walks in!! All I could think was 'Omg! I watch your video's?! Do I say hi and get a photo or do I leave it?' I had already spotted her on the front row in the show and now she was in the same cafe as me! Anyway, my shy side completely took over and I didn't say hi as I just didn't want to bother her, however later on I tweeted about it and she replied and was so lovely and said I should have, so I was kicking myself! But anyway, fan-girling over, me and Jack headed to China Town for dinner.

Me and Jack found the sweetest little Chinese restaurant to eat in. There was a little bit of a wait but it was well worth it as the food came out quickly and tasted amazing! It was definitely the perfect ending to our day in London together for Valentines Day.

Again, I am so sorry I can't show you any photos of my outfit or the show but you can click here to see Ong-Oaj Pairam's amazing collection.

Speak to you soon loves,

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