Wednesday, 12 February 2014

6 Month Smile

Hello my loves,

So basically, I got braces!! After many years of being self conscious about smiling because of my wonky teeth I have finally been about to afford to get them straightened out. This is not a decision I took lightly, it did take a lot of uhming and ahhing and 'do I really want to go through the pain?' or 'am I really that unhappy with my teeth?' - the answer was yes! And why not do it whilst I am still living at home and can afford to do it, because let's face it as soon as I move out there would never be a right time to do it.

The 6 month smile treatment is basically invisible 'train-track' braces for 6-8 months depending on how bad your teeth are. They get tightened every month and it is a quicker way of getting your teeth straightened rather than normal braces. I was lucky enough to know someone who was getting the 6 month smile done at the time and she could tell me what they do, how it all works, how much it costs etc so I had a little insight into the treatment before I even went for my consultation. Following my friend, I decided to go to Simon Smyth Dentistry, a small run dentist in Bishop's Waltham, for my free consultation (yes that's right kids, a free consultation! I found that pretty rare when researching!) already knowing I wanted it done. As I walked in it was like walking into a normal house, no typical dentist waiting room in sight which was a massive plus as I usually hate going to the dentist. Everyone there was so friendly and welcoming and made you feel really at ease. The consultation went really well and I booked up my next appointment to have a scale and polish and a mould fitting just 1 week after having my consultation (this was mid January). Skip forward 4 weeks and here I am with my braces fitted!! So that is how quickly it all happened!

Onto the cost. So getting braces is never cheap, that's a fact. Some may think that what I am paying is too expensive, but for me I feel confident in the treatment and the dentist I have chosen knowing someone else who has had the treatment and is happy with the results. In total the 6 month smile will cost me £2850 for getting both my top and bottom row of teeth done. You pay a £500 deposit when you get your braces fitted and after that you pay monthly at around £300 a time. Like I said, this isn't cheap so please make sure you can afford it if you do decide to do this as you cannot pull out and will have to pay the bill. 

I got my braces fitted yesterday afternoon so I have had my first proper day of wearing braces and it is a weird sensation. It is really hard to adjust your lips to the brace to begin with but it doesn't take long to get used to where your lips should sit. I woke up this morning and my bottom teeth were very sensitive and achy but an Ibuprofen soon sorted that out. After that came the braces rubbing on my lips. You get given a little pot of wax to put over the certain brackets on your brace that are rubbing, which I am finding really helps, but it does still tend to rub on your lips as you are not used to it. This has ended in 2 ulcers today so I bought some Iglu and I was also told to buy some teething gel to help sooth my mouth aswell but I am yet to use that.

So that is my update on my braces so far! Below is a video if you want to see me go from no braces to braces to see how I got on on the day. Sorry this post is a bit rambly, I wanted to try and fit it all in one post and then I will do an progress post next week or something. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to comment below or email me at and I will try my best to answer :)

Speak soon loves,

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