Sunday, 2 February 2014

123. The pretty streets, oh how they distract me

Hello my loves,

Long time no see! If you're wondering where I have been or what's been going on in my life lately I did a little YouTube video on my channel last week, a little 'life update' if you will. So if you fancy checking out that then head on over by clicking here, if not do not fear I am not going to bore you with apologies and my promise that I will stick around this time, I am simply going to crack on with this post.

So it has been a little while and I feel it only right that I come back with an outfit post, seeing as this is supposed to mainly be a fashion blog an' all. I have wanted to 'get out there' and do location 'outfit of the days' for an extremely long time after lusting over the likes of 'What Olivia Did' and 'WishWishWish's stunning imagery but I never seemed to photograph well infront of my boyfriend. I always felt a bit under pressure to get it right within the first few snaps, I guess, so that Jack wouldn't be stood around for ages whilst I pull myself together. Never the less I was never happy with the way they turned out and just stuck with my usual brick wall background, which is fine but a little samey-samey at times, I just wanted to change it up a bit, is that too much to ask?!

I was so desperate to make this 'on location' look happen that I ventured out on my own to take some photos, that is how much I wanted this to work! And anyone who knows me knows that I generally hate 'going it alone' especially when it's things like, oh, I don't know...taking photos of yourself in the street with a tripod and a Canon 600D attatched, button in hand, people staring at you like 'what on earth is she doing?!' No, no. That was definitely not for me. I took one photo (stood right beside my car may I add!) and fled the scene quicker than you could say my name (which isn't very long!!).

Anyway, when me and Jack decided to head to Bishops Waltham for lunch one day a couple of weeks ago I was determined to to get it right and not look so awkward (I hope I've pulled it off!).

We went to The Crowns pub for lunch and it was utterly delicious! The pub was so pretty inside, wooden beams hugging the picture covered walls giving it such character and stories to tell. Jack ordered a 10oz pork rib-eye marinated in garlic, time & rosemary (my mouth waters just thinking about it!) with a side of chips and salad, and I ordered the ham, egg and chips. I have never ordered this at a pub before but I saw a lady eating it on the way in and it looked so yummy, and I was not disappointed! The food was totally delectable, I would definitely recommend eating there! And the pricing was very reasonable too.

Hat: New Look  //  Coat: Vintage  //  Bag: New Look  //  Dress: Primark  //  Shoes: New Look

Onto the outfit! I didn't dress up especially on this day, mainly opting for comfort by wearing my jersey shift dress (or slouch dress as I call it) and adding details like my floral scarf and fedora (perfect for bad hair days!). Throw on my vintage checkered coat, a pair of tights and my trusty leather sandals and I was ready to go, not forgetting my beloved burgundy tote bag from New Look, great for chucking anything and everything in (yep, it was one of them days!).  I love that this outfit is quite basic and minimal and yet the colours from the scarf and bag really bring the outfit to life.

I really wasn't expecting much from these photos, an awkward smile, a dodgy eye, but I was actually really pleased with how they turned out. Could I have possibly gotten over my fear of being photographed in public?! I doubt it, this was probably a fluke. We'll see in the coming weeks I guess because these are the types of photos I want to be taking for my blog. Something a little more interesting and more of an insight into what I get up to. What do you think? Any thoughts on my new approach to taking outfit photos? I expect the brick wall will make a come back every once in a while, but I like this new thing I have going on. Fingers crossed I can keep it up!

Speak to you soon lovelies,


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