Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Christmas Wrapping Inspiration

Hello my loves,

So as we are now on the count down to Christmas I thought I would share with you some images I have been pinning to my Christmas board on Pinterest recently. I love being creative and getting inspiration from various sources and Pinterest is a great way to store them all for when you want to go back to them. I have been collecting Christmas wrapping ideas for a while now and I am excited to put it all to good use and wrap all the presents I have bought this year!

Below are some images that have inspired me and then next week I have a little DIY to show you :) Enjoy!

I hope this has inspired you in any way? I know these kind of posts rarely get many views on my blog but I like to change it up a bit rather than just post outfit photos. Let me know what you think :)

Oh, and lastly before I go, I have a Facebook Page for my blog and online shop coming soon, I would love it if you could head over and 'like' :) Click here to take a look.


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