Thursday, 14 November 2013

Travelling the world in a foreign land.

Hello lovelies,

A couple of weeks ago I was contacted by a company called My Bag who had previously worked with Stephanie Dreams, asking her to review one of their bags. I remember it was a little while ago now and, as I am a fan of Stephanie Dreams, I saw the post she did and commented about how I really loved the bag and I remember I especially loved the burgundy/red colour (I can never resist a bit of burgundy!). Anyway, My Bag saw my comment and kindly offered to send me a tan version of the bag to review. I have to say I was a little apprehensive at first as I don't actually own anything tan coloured, but I thought I would go for it and try something a bit different.

The mi-pac bag was delivered very quickly and, ironically, it came the day before I was going on holiday, which was very handy as I needed a bag for my hand luggage for the plane, so I was happy before I had even seen the bag! It is safe to say I instantly loved the bag when I saw it, despite not usually opting for tan bags or even shoes or anything to be honest!

I took the bag on holiday with me using it to store all the essentials when flying and travelling abroad. The bag is really spacious and roomy, even though I filled it with food, drink, my kindle etc, I still had lots of room and even managed to store my quilted coat in there at one point too! Inside the bag is the main compartment and an iPad/Laptop sleeve with padding to protect. I did not use this for my iPad nor my laptop as I didn't take them on holiday however I found it really useful to store my passport and flight ticket as the pocket has an elasticated edge along the top so that nothing will slip out. The little pocket at the front is a good size too and was great for storing my disposable camera for when I wanted to get snap-happy ;)

I also used the bag throughout my holiday, packing my sun cream and towel ready to hit the pool or beach for a relaxing day in the sun (holiday blues much?!). I felt much safer heading out with a rucksack rather than an open beach bag as I knew that no one could see inside my bag and quickly grab anything when I wasn't looking so I'm sure I will use this on future holidays too. I was also suprised to find that it actually went with every outfit! I didn't realise tan was pretty versatile so I feel more welcoming towards the colour now haha!

One last point I must make is that my boyfriend was also a fan of the bag which is great as we can both get use out of it being a unisex colour and not too fussy with a print. He also liked a few bags shown in the little booklet that came with the bag too, as was I. If I were to buy one in the future, which I am considering after testing out the bag, it would be the Rose Tapestry bag as anyone who knows me knows I can't resist a bit of tapestry print!

Overall I have nothing but positive feedback on this bag! It was perfect for travelling, really spacious to cram a lot of stuff in, it somehow worked with every outfit I wore during the day and the delivery was very quick! If you like the look of this bag you should definitely check out the other designs, it could well be the perfect gift for someone for Christmas, or even something for you to add to your Christmas wish list. Unfortunately they don't have the tan version online but you can find all of the other designs here, and while you're there take a look at the whole website over at and take a look at the various bags, they have some truly gorgeous styles which I am now lusting over. They even have my dream Chanel bag...ahh, does anyone have a spare £1700?? It's on offer?...No??...I'll just keep dreaming.

Speak to you soon loves!


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