Sunday, 20 October 2013

The girl behind Silent Sweetheart.

Hello my loves,

So following on from yesterday's post I thought I would do a bit of a re-introduction post for those of you who may not know that much about me and may be new followers. I have also seen a few bloggers do this on Instagram in the past and I just thought it would be a good idea.

My name is, Kirsti, as you can tell from the signature in yesterday's post. I am a 22 years old and graduated from Winchester School of Art earlier this year leaving with a BA(Hons) in Fashion & Textile Design. My final collection actually got featured on Vogue, WGSN and Glamour to name a few along with some of my class mates (extremely proud moment!). I have loved sewing and fashion in general since I was very little as my Mum used to sew a lot and I aspired to be like her and have such a skill. From the get-go sewing inspired me and got me excited and curious about all of the possible things I could make! I used to make myself handbags all of the time, usually denim with a bit of cardboard in the bottom and sides for support. It's so funny to look back on that now and see how far I have come (bearing in mind I was extremely young!) and to notice that I still have the same passion for sewing now then back then, probably even more so! For me, it is something I want to do for the rest of my life, and not just for a hobby, for my career.

This leads me to my future plans and my hopes and dreams of one day owning and running my own shop full of pretty dresses, playsuits, trousers, tops and lots, lots more! It has been a dream of mine since I can remember (which was an extremely long time ago!). The first step for me is tackling it online and getting my brand well-known and earning enough money to hopefully one day own my own little shop somewhere. Right now I finally feel like I am ready to give it a real go. I have made clothes for myself, friends and family for years now which has been a great way to learn on top of university, but I finally feel ready to show off my skills, designs and ideas and, fingers crossed, it will be a success!

Back to my personal life, I still live at home at the moment but now my boyfriend lives with me and has been here for about 6 months now. It's odd because it feels like he has always been here because he gets on so well with my family and we are stronger than ever before (after nearly 6 years of being together! Horray!). We had plans to move out early next year and start to settle down and get into the jobs we really want to be in, however things have slightly changed and we have now decided to wait until around August time to move out so that we can save enough money in time, as it will be a pretty big move and a huge change for us! It's all very exciting and I cannot wait to move out, but having said that things are fine how they are right now and we know it's for the best financially if we wait :)

I currently work in New Look and have done for many years part-time as a Sales Advisor getting by through college and university, however having recently graduated and in desperate need of money before I can work in London (something else I really want to do/experience!) I now work full-time as an Accessory and Lingerie Specialist which means I run the department and get to do all of the displays and floor layouts etc. Having this promotion has moved me up the ladder and I now have more important responsibilities like working with figures on our department, which is all great for my CV. Even though it gets me down sometimes as I feel sort of trapped, I know it's only temporary and everyone's got to start somewhere, right? And this is where I'm starting :)

So anyway, this is me, this is who I am and that is my plan for my future. Some may think this is a bit personal and in depth but, I don't know, I just felt like sharing my life with you guys seeing as this isn't just a fashion blog it is also a lifestyle blog and we should always blog about whatever we want and are passionate about, shouldn't we? :)

I promise my posts won't always be this wordy and rambly! Tomorrow's post is a lot more image orientated so come back if you'd like to see a little more colour on here :)

Speak to you soon,


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