Sunday, 20 October 2013

012. I'm not afraid no more.

Hat: New Look  //  Coat: Charity Shop  //  Blouse: New Look (Old)  //  Scarf: New Look (Old)  //  Skirt: Urban Outfitters  //  Boots: New Look

Evening beauts!

How are you all? I wasn't planning on publishing two posts today but I threw this outfit together this morning as I was off out for lunch with my friend, Charlotte (Bestie Westie as she will now be called :P) and really liked it, it's very autumnal which is very fitting for today's weather of...rain! Fortunately for me the rain stopped with just enough time for me to take these photos, which is a relief as I just don't have enough wall space in the house to shoot inside (however many times I try, it will never look good). 

It feels like forever since I wore a blouse tucked into a skirt, an outfit which I used to wear all the time. I have found my style has changed over the past year or so, so it was really nice to wear this outfit today and it took me back to my old style. I realised today that I still really like this look so I guess blouses and skirts are back on the cards for me this winter! I just find that they are great for layering jumpers and coats etc to keep warm in the colder months. A hat, was of course, necessary today with the horrible rain we had to endure and this one is my all time favourite this season. I love a good bowler hat, don't get me wrong, but I find this hat stays on my head a lot better, especially when it is windy outside, there's half the chance it will fly off of my head and lets face it who wants to be seen looking like a looney running down the road after their hat?! I also wanted to mention this coat which I have pretty much worn every day so far this season and I have had so many compliments on it too! It's really lovely to know that you are probably the only person in town wearing the coat because you picked it up in a charity shop for next to nothing!

Anyway, I hope you like today's outfit, please let me know what you think below :)

Speak soon,

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