Monday, 2 September 2013

Workin' 9 'till 5...or, er 7 'till 4...


Sneak peek at what I wore to work today!
Evening loves,
I thought I would do a little 'life update' on part of my life today, my working life. I recently went full time at my job in New Look and got promoted from Fitting Room Specialist to Accessory and Lingerie Specialist. This may not mean much to some people, but basically I am now in charge of the whole of Accessories and Lingerie and believe me, in my store, that is a big responsibility and a big department to run.
I have always wanted to do visual merchandising in New Look since I can remember as I would love to be a stylist in the future, and what better way to start than in your current job? So when I was promoted I was thrilled to hear that I would be in charge of the displays and layout of the department. As well as this I am expected to learn weekly figures, how much money we have taken and whether we have taken a drop since last week, as well as that time last year. So not only am I being creative in my work place (which is heaven for a creative person!), I also get to understand the financial side of the job and grain experience in that aspect too.
I am loving the job so far as I can be as creative as I like (so long as I stay within the rules!!), and the extra pennies won't hurt either! (helloooo September wage packet :P ). However, even though I am loving it so far, I do know that I do not want to stay in retail. My plans are to save, save, save and hopefully end up in London where I can gain more experience from various companies in different areas of fashion and styling, even fashion design as that is what I studied at university. Who knows! All I know is, I am on the right track and slowly but surely I will for fill my career dream!
Below are a few displays I have done in store so far. The images aren't great as I only took them on my phone, but I hope you like what I have done :)

I did a cheeky bit of denim too!

I even dabbled in a bit of footwear ;)

I had so much fun having complete freedom to display this bag wall by myself!

Love my washing line ;)


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