Monday, 5 August 2013

FOR SALE - I'm selling a few things

Hello my lovelies,

As you may have seen last week (I think? The days just roll in to one at the moment!) I am selling a few clothes and shoes and really want to sell them asap. Obviously I have a 'blog sale' page on here and I also have a depop account (an app where you can sell your items), however they haven't been selling too well. I expect it's because I haven't been promoting it as well as I should so today I thought I would just do a video of a few of the items and put them up on Ebay as a last chance to sell them. If that doesn't work then I would love to do a car bootsale (here's hoping I get a Sunday off work!) as I have lots of other random things to sell too.

So please take a look and see if there is anything you would like. I have listed the items in the down bar on You Tube linking to my Ebay account where you can buy the item.

Thanks! :)


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