Wednesday, 28 August 2013

A DIY light bulb moment...

Hey beauts,

Slowly getting back into the swing of things on the blogging front and I was actually going to wait until tomorrow to blog what I have been up to today, but then I came across the image above. I just spotted this on Liberty London's Facebook Page about their new range of exclusive coats that they have in for the Autumn/Winter months to come by Barbour. At a light bulb moment I instantly thought, instead of buying one of these coats and spending £249.00!! (as lovely as it would be to own one of these gorgeous coats!), why not re-vamp and old coat or a cheaper version of one of these picked up from a high-street store for a much healthier price? Grab half a metre of floral fabric and stitch a thick cuff onto the arm of the coat and hey presto! There you have it! I might just give this a go in the near future and pretend I own a real Barbour coat. Oh, if only...for now though let us lust over these beauties...

What do you think of these Barbour coats exclusive to Liberty London for this years Autumn/Winter? Will you be splashing out this season or DIYing it like me?


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