Thursday, 15 August 2013

005. Little White Lies.

Shirt/dress: New Look (Menswear shirt)  //  Shoes: New Look (Limited Edition)
Hello my loves,
Well, well, I have been a very busy lady recently as I have just become full time at my local New Look store in West Quay, Southampton (hence my lanyard playing a part in these photos!). I have been part time there for over 5 years now to get me by through out college and university and I was hoping to head straight to London but alas my part time wages didn't get me so far, especially after the hit of how expensive third year was! So, a position opened for Accessory & Lingerie Specialist, which is 40 hours a week, and I thought I would go for it, not just for the money but for the freedom of the job and visual merchandising work within the section. I got given the job pretty quickly and started on Monday and I am loving it so far! I do very early shifts, but I like that because then I finish late afternoon rather than early evening so I still have time to see friends etc.
I am really loving my new job role at the moment as I have so much freedom to do what I want. I've been told to just do whatever I think, and if it doesn't work then put it back to how it was, which I love! I am still a little weary about moving things and changing things around but I did my first proper display today and my manager loved it so that gave me a little boost! Although I forgot to take a photo so I will do that tomorrow. I also have my own little notepad and pen attached to my lanyard as I always forget what I went into the stockroom for if I am re-stocking the shop floor and have to remember a list of things to get, not to mention how many of each! Oh, and did I mention, I'm off to London next week to help the visual merchandising team in model store in Gracechurch?! I literally cannot wait! So yeah, it's fair to say my first week as a full time employee is going well :)

On the health side of things, my results have not come through yet for IBS or Coeliac disease but I do have to go for another blood test as something unusual came up in one of the results. It's nothing serious so far, but it's better to know what is going on rather than guessing what it is and leaving it alone. It's all rather new and strange for me to be honest, going for all these tests etc.
Anyway, I will finally get onto the outfit. I bought this shirt from the menswear section in New Look as it was in the sale and I just liked the loose, slouch fit. I know it may look like I'm wearing my boyfriend's shirt (which is only ever kept behind clothes doors!), or that I'm naked underneath the shirt (trust me I have shorts on underneath) but I like the look. Anyone who knows me knows that I am a sucker for oversized coats and jackets but only ever wear fitted tops and jeans, however lately I am loving the slouch style dresses as they are just so comfortable and not something I would usually wear, being only 5ft tall! This denim shirt/dress matched perfectly with my white lace pop socks and white leather jelly-style shoes - the perfect combo for a long shift at work yet still looking stylish.
What do you think? Are you a fan of the slouchy smock dress look?


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