Wednesday, 7 August 2013

004. Living in a day dream

Necklace: New Look (Limited Edition)  //  T-shirt: New Look  //  Skirt: Love  //  Bag: Zara  //  Shoes: New Look
Hello my lovelies,
I feel like life has been a bit of a daze recently. The days come and go, and so do my moods. I seem to be on edge all of the time at the moment and this is due to a few issues I am having at the moment, so I do apologise for my lack of blogging and replying to your lovely comments on here and on my You Tube channel. Everything is fine with me, nothing too serious, so nothing to worry about but I am having a blood test on Friday so I think it's been playing on my mind a bit too much recently. I know blood tests won't be scary at all for some of you  but I haven't had one since I was 7 so I am a little anxious. Anyway, I won't keep rambling on and I expect I will fill you all in next week when things are a little clearer.
I thought I would make more of an effort with my outfit today as I saw my friend, Charlotte. We ended up charity shopping (which is something we can never resist doing when together!) and then we went strawberry picking which was awesome! We picked sooo many strawberries, I think I'm set for the next 2 weeks! It's great to do things with friends to take your mind off of things. I always find that keeping busy really helps and also helps to put you in a better and more positive mood.
I have a post coming up tomorrow of something that always helps me when I'm feeling quite low, and I have a couple more instalments too as I haven't been feeling the best. I thought it would be nice to share with you incase any of you are feeling like you're stuck in a rut at the moment and need some tips on snapping out of it. And I have to say they are inspired by Olivia from What Olivia Did as she did a really lovely, inspiring post recently. Go take a look here!



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