Saturday, 31 August 2013

Topshop A/W Lookbook

Hey sweets,
Can we just take a moment to appreciate how flippin' amazing Topshop's Autumn/Winter '13 collection is looking!!
I follow Topshop on Instagram and keep noticing how well put-together their visual merchandising is. And I'm jealous! I am a huge fan of visual merchandising. It has developed since working in retail for over 5 years now, getting buy throughout college and university, and my passion for styling has grown so much. I would love to pursue a career as a stylist and I am slowly but surely working my way to achieving my dream (more on that next week!).
So I thought I would share my lusting over the styling with you and certain quirky pieces that they have in for this years Autumn/Winter collection, all taken from their Instagram profile. If you haven't seen them already, where have you been?!


Thursday, 29 August 2013

008. A trip to Marwell Zoo!

 Blouse: Charity Shop  //  Playsuit: Blue Rinse (IOW Festival)  //  Belt: New Look  //  Shoes: New Look
Hello lovelies,
I did a night shift at work on Tuesday, 8pm 'till 5am, so I had Wednesday off work, as did my boyfriend which is very rare these days! So, instead of doing the chores and decided to get off of out tired bottoms and head down to Marwell Zoo as we have wanted to go there together for years!
This is the outfit I wore as it was a glorious sunny day down here, in the South, the legs were sure to make an appearance. I absolutely love this playsuit I bought from the Isle of Wight Festival in 2011, which is ironic as I almost didn't buy it (thank you to my friends for persuading me!!). It is a vintage re-work made by a company called Blue Rinse. They re-work old vintage shirts into playsuits and other garments which I think is a fantastic idea, I am tempted to give it a go myself as I think it would be so much fun. I just love the colours and the patchwork pattern, and it is so versatile, great for a day or evening outfit. I wore it with my navy and white polka dot blouse to clash the prints, my tan plait belt to nip me in at the waist, and my tan wedge shoes (which I didn't actually wear to the zoo - not very practical when you're walking around for 4 hours!). I really love this outfit, it's just so chilled and comfortable yet chic too. What do you think? Are you a fan of re-worked clothing?
Moving on to just a snippet of the cute animals we saw at the zoo!

I wish I could show you all of the images I took but uploading these images has taken so long already! I hope you like the photo's and maybe take a trip to Marwell Zoo if you're ever in the area. Next stop, London Zoo! ;)


Wednesday, 28 August 2013

A DIY light bulb moment...

Hey beauts,

Slowly getting back into the swing of things on the blogging front and I was actually going to wait until tomorrow to blog what I have been up to today, but then I came across the image above. I just spotted this on Liberty London's Facebook Page about their new range of exclusive coats that they have in for the Autumn/Winter months to come by Barbour. At a light bulb moment I instantly thought, instead of buying one of these coats and spending £249.00!! (as lovely as it would be to own one of these gorgeous coats!), why not re-vamp and old coat or a cheaper version of one of these picked up from a high-street store for a much healthier price? Grab half a metre of floral fabric and stitch a thick cuff onto the arm of the coat and hey presto! There you have it! I might just give this a go in the near future and pretend I own a real Barbour coat. Oh, if only...for now though let us lust over these beauties...

What do you think of these Barbour coats exclusive to Liberty London for this years Autumn/Winter? Will you be splashing out this season or DIYing it like me?


Sunday, 25 August 2013

007. Grunge & Skulls

Scarf: Primark  //  Necklace, T-shirt, Jeans & Boots: New Look
Hello my loves,
Three outfit posts in a row?! I am sorry about that, life has been a little hectic lately as I now work full time so it's very tiring but I am adjusting to it and getting back on track with the blogging :) I have lots of things planned for my blog and my You Tube so it's pretty exciting!
Anyway, I seem to be wearing a lot of black at the moment as I don't have many outfits to wear for work due to serious lack of money (come on Friday!!) so I'm sort of making the most of what I have (which isn't much!) and accessorizing. Having said that, I don't have work today and I'm still wearing black!! Anyway, I've gone for a sort of grungy look today with the black jeans, leather look t-shirt, black studded boots and deep plum lipstick, but I thought I would brighten it up with this mustard skull scarf from Primark. If only I could own a real Alexander McQueen skull scarf... I then added a statement necklace, which I am doing a lot lately, to finish off the outfit. It also seems I like to hold my ponytail a lot too ;) Haha!
What do you think? Will you be rocking the grunge look this Autumn/Winter?


Monday, 19 August 2013

006. Ain't it fun? Living in the real world...

Everything: New Look
Hey loves,
This is what I wore to work on Saturday (a little late on the uptake, I know!). Now that I work full time and have no money, it is hard to put an outfit together with clothes that are in stock at the moment. For those of you who may not know, working for New Look you get to wear what you like, as long as it is in season, so the fact that I pretty much have zero pence means scrapping together some sort of outfit that you can get away with! Therefore, on Saturday, I opted for all black. You can't go wrong with that because these key pieces are always in store. Add a statement necklace, some red lippy and some quirky sandals and roll your jeans up and you actually come up with a pretty minimal yet unique and edgy outfit.

It may not be to everyone's taste, and I appreciate that. I imagine I got a lot of funny looks at work from customers, and staff! But hey, this is my style and I like it :) What do you think?


Thursday, 15 August 2013

005. Little White Lies.

Shirt/dress: New Look (Menswear shirt)  //  Shoes: New Look (Limited Edition)
Hello my loves,
Well, well, I have been a very busy lady recently as I have just become full time at my local New Look store in West Quay, Southampton (hence my lanyard playing a part in these photos!). I have been part time there for over 5 years now to get me by through out college and university and I was hoping to head straight to London but alas my part time wages didn't get me so far, especially after the hit of how expensive third year was! So, a position opened for Accessory & Lingerie Specialist, which is 40 hours a week, and I thought I would go for it, not just for the money but for the freedom of the job and visual merchandising work within the section. I got given the job pretty quickly and started on Monday and I am loving it so far! I do very early shifts, but I like that because then I finish late afternoon rather than early evening so I still have time to see friends etc.
I am really loving my new job role at the moment as I have so much freedom to do what I want. I've been told to just do whatever I think, and if it doesn't work then put it back to how it was, which I love! I am still a little weary about moving things and changing things around but I did my first proper display today and my manager loved it so that gave me a little boost! Although I forgot to take a photo so I will do that tomorrow. I also have my own little notepad and pen attached to my lanyard as I always forget what I went into the stockroom for if I am re-stocking the shop floor and have to remember a list of things to get, not to mention how many of each! Oh, and did I mention, I'm off to London next week to help the visual merchandising team in model store in Gracechurch?! I literally cannot wait! So yeah, it's fair to say my first week as a full time employee is going well :)

On the health side of things, my results have not come through yet for IBS or Coeliac disease but I do have to go for another blood test as something unusual came up in one of the results. It's nothing serious so far, but it's better to know what is going on rather than guessing what it is and leaving it alone. It's all rather new and strange for me to be honest, going for all these tests etc.
Anyway, I will finally get onto the outfit. I bought this shirt from the menswear section in New Look as it was in the sale and I just liked the loose, slouch fit. I know it may look like I'm wearing my boyfriend's shirt (which is only ever kept behind clothes doors!), or that I'm naked underneath the shirt (trust me I have shorts on underneath) but I like the look. Anyone who knows me knows that I am a sucker for oversized coats and jackets but only ever wear fitted tops and jeans, however lately I am loving the slouch style dresses as they are just so comfortable and not something I would usually wear, being only 5ft tall! This denim shirt/dress matched perfectly with my white lace pop socks and white leather jelly-style shoes - the perfect combo for a long shift at work yet still looking stylish.
What do you think? Are you a fan of the slouchy smock dress look?


Sunday, 11 August 2013

Dealing with change

Hello loves,
As you may have read I've been having a bit of a weird time in my life at the moment and I thought now would be a good time to fill you guys in. This is in no way written for attention, nor sympathy, it is merely the fact that I am going through changes in my life and seeing as this is a fashion and lifestyle blog it seems only right to post what I am going through in my life.
I have had problems with my stomach for over 3 years now. I went to the doctor about it and she put me on some tablets and that was that. I was on them for a month and didn't carry them on as I wasn't told whether to or not so for the next 2 and a half years I was brushing off my problems, until enough was enough. Last year I decided to try and figure out what was going on with me, cutting out various foods, the first being bread as I thought that could be the problem. It worked for a few days but then the stomach problems came back and I was stuck again. I ended up figuring out that it was wheat and gluten that was irritating me and I diagnosed myself with a wheat intolerance.
Things were finally improving with my body now that I had figured out the issue and was swapping certain foods for the 'wheat free' range and I was a lot happier. I found that I could still eat wheat and gluten every now and then, but not too much otherwise my stomach problems would flare up again. I thought I had it all sussed out, until about a month ago when I started experiencing deep stabbing pains in my tummy and then feeling ridiculously bloated. So much so that I looked about 3 months pregnant and felt as though my belly was just full of air and if I pricked it with a pin my tummy would explode! (It all sounds rather exaggerated, but I'm not exaggerating at all). I booked an appointment with my doctor and was quite anxious about what he would say. I had this fear that he would tell me it was all in my head and there was actually nothing wrong with me, but fortunately that wasn't the case.
My doctor (different from the doctor 3 years ago) was so good, asked me bunch of questions and pretty much knew straight away what was wrong with me. He said my symptoms sounded like I either had Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) or Coeliac Disease, which is ironic seeing as I was reading the Coeliac disease poster in the reception and thought 'Hmm, I wonder if I have that?'. He prescribed me the same tablets that I was prescribed 3 years ago and told me to stay on them if they helped (unlike doctor number 1!) and sent me off for a blood test. So basically, if the blood test comes back clear then I have IBS and if not there will possibly be further testing.
For those of you who may not know, IBS is caused by certain foods irritating your body causing your stomach to contract and therefore creating these 'stabbing pains' as I refer to them. There is no 'cure' for IBS but there are things that can help treat the symptoms and IBS is usually caused by stress (3 years ago I started university - hello stress!) and can flare up if you are at a stressful point in your life (I graduated uni and was interning in London around the time I felt the stabbing pains - stressful times). Coeliac disease is something which is targeted by foods containing wheat and gluten. It would make sense, to me, that this has been causing my discomfort as cutting out wheat and gluten from my diet really helped, however it does seem that other foods have now been affecting me too, which could therefore be IBS. I hope this is making sense!
I went for my blood test on Friday, and was surprisingly calm seeing as I hate needles and usually work myself up and I will receive my results this Friday, so I'm still not sure which of these illnesses I have yet but I am happier knowing it's not all in my head and I am closer to finding out what it is.
Recently I have been struggling with mood swings and feeling miserable and feeling generally lousy. Not wanting to get out of bed was a big shock and worry for me as I am never usually like that. I usually wake up and get up and get on with my day. I am a positive, 'the glass it half full' kinda girl and lately I just feel lost, like I don't really know who I am anymore. I have absolutely no reason to be sad either, which is the frustrating part! I have graduated university with a degree in Fashion and Textile Design, I live with my boyfriend, I have amazing family and friends and I have just been promoted in my job - what is there to be sad about?! So I did a bit of googling, which I know isn't always a good idea but I was desperate, and it turns out many people with IBS feel the same way at times. Now, I don't want to jump the gun as I don't know what is wrong with me yet for definite, but all the symptoms are adding up.
So, I am taking a pledge today to promise myself that whenever I feel this way I will not dither about feeling sorry for myself, I will snap myself out of it by going for a walk or run or doing something fun, something that isn't too demanding to feel positive again. Even if it's just painting my nails whilst watching my favourite programme, like I did this morning, it's something little to cheer me up :)
Do any of you have IBS or Coeliac disease or any other illness that makes you feel this way? I'd love to know how you snap yourself out of a negative mind-set :) If you are going through anything similar I would suggest seeing a doctor straight away, and even if they are useless to begin with, keep nagging them! It's best to nip things in the bud sooner rather than later, like me.


Friday, 9 August 2013

My Etsy store is now open!!

Hello my loves,
I have been promising this for a while and I have finally made enough things to sell on my Etsy store! Horray! I have had quite a few items ready for a while but I wanted to make sure I had a good amount for you guys, and other customers, to look at before I put it all on there. This way it gives you an idea of the types of things I will be selling in the future too!
I will be making clothes for all sizes up to a 12, so far, but I am hoping to branch even further, depending on the response from you guys and if I get any requests. At the moment I have shorts in sizes 6, 8 and 12 but I have size 10's and more 6's and 12's on standby to filter into the stop in the next few weeks. I will also be selling dresses, skirts and playsuits. Not only do I sell clothes but I also sell collar clips as they have been a great success for me in the past and peter-pan collars etc, so a few accessories for you to shop too! Bearing in mind all of the collar clips are one of a kind - they will never be made again so you will not see anyone with the same as you :)
Here is a preview of a few of the items I am selling:

I hope you take a look a like what you see, and possibly even buy something! I will probably do a more detailed blog post too, if that would be something you would be interested in? If you have any requests do not hesitate to comment below leaving your email address, or contact me here personally: 
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