Friday, 12 July 2013

The Next Chapter

Hello my loves,
I'm not entirely sure who (if many) will be reading this as I am basically starting from scratch again and I will explain why further down. I am hoping many of you will have seen my post about this new blog on my old blog,, and become slightly intrigued as to why I am leaving my old blog behind as a memory and starting up a new one.
I am the type of person who, when I am feeling like I am hitting a new chapter in my life, likes to start a fresh. I don't go overboard and completely chuck out my wardrobe and buy a new one or re-decorate in any way, I just like to take a moment to look back on what I have achieved in the past few years and then write down the goals I want to achieve within my 'fresh start' (if that makes any sense at all!).
I sort of began feeling like this last year about my first blog and wanted to completely re-start over and, as I keep saying, start a fresh. However that wasn't the right time for me and I'm glad I didn't re-start it all over again, although I did create another blog for my university work as that was a requirement. ANYWAY, I am going off on a tangent and I don't want this to be too lengthy.
So, for those of you who don't know I have recently finished my degree in Fashion and Textile Design and this time next week I will have graduated!! (Scary thought...). So that already puts me in a position to start my non-student life journey into the 'real world' and venture out a bit more and have a lot more freedom with my life. Secondly, just over 2 months ago, my boyfriend moved in with me and my Dad. We have been together for 5 years now and have wanted to live together for so long but with us both going to university and not working enough to save the money we could just never afford to do it. So, now that we have both finished university (and with the help of my brother moving out of his lovely big room) we decided it would be a great time to move in together and take the next step in our relationship. We have already been buying lots of bits and bobs for when we eventually move out as that way we will already have most out our furniture and it won't be such a huge dent in our bank account. But first thing's first, decorating our new room. We have finally finished it and we're so happy with how it looks, I will be sure to do a room tour soon!
Thirdly comes the job hunt. At the moment I am interning at I Heart Studios in London which is a fashion photography/styling company and I am enjoying it so much!! I am learning a lot and meeting new people and everyone is so lovely. The commute from home isn't so great, but I think I'll leave that for another blog post before I ramble way too much! But all in all it's going really well :)
So, as you can see, if you have made it this far through my essay, a lot of things are changing in my life. I'm growing up and I'm really enjoying it so far! Therefore this is my fresh start and for me that means a new blog. Some of you may think this is completely silly seeing as I almost hit 400 followers on my old blog, but if I'm honest I felt like I sort of stopped trying so hard with my previous blog and I hated feeling like that. For me, this is a new start, a new challenge and a new project which I know I will be passionate about as I already have lots of things I want to blog about so far. And on a last note, this blog is for me and anyone who many have the same interests as me. I sort of felt as though I had to blog to keep my followers before, but not this time. I have grown up a lot over the last year and learnt so much along the way about myself and other people too. You just have to love yourself and what you do, not try to be someone you are not.
I hope you can all come on this exciting new journey in my life with me, sort of like Silent Sweetheart reborn...Silent Sweetheart, the next chapter.
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