Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Stumbling upon treaures - Vintage Books

Hey sweets,
I thought I would share with you a little discovery I stumbled upon a few weeks ago. I went charity shopping in Southsea with my lovely friend, Charlotte, for the day. We had been planning to check out the shops for over a year and finally managed to do so on a beautiful sunny day.
One thing I must tell you about Charlotte is that she is obsessed with vintage books, especially when they come in a set. It generally doesn't matter what the book is about, it's more based on the wonderfully tattered edges which tell a story in themselves. The beautifully decorated covers and tissue paper thin pages.
As we were browsing the shops scouting for treasures we came across many vintage books and Charlotte was in her element. Her love for these books rubbed off on myself and I couldn't help but browse the shelf. I ended up buying four out of an eight set of books (Charlotte buying the other four, of course!) as I just fell in love with the gold art deco style detailing on the book covers. I also picked up on more vintage book which became a real treasure...

This little sky blue and burgundy printed book just stood out for me. The amazing colours and slight tattered edges won me over, and as I flicked through the book I realised it was a Treasure Island book which then meant that I had to get it as my boyfriend had picked one up last year too. But that isn't where the excitement ends.
I opened the book from the beginning to get a better look at the book and as I turned the first page I found a little hand-written note inside. This is always exciting as you know that it belonged to someone or was possibly gifted to someone many years ago and for me it just seems to add more history and character to the book. As I read who it belonged to I was stunned to find that it belonged to some who lived in my hometown, Netley Abbey. What are the chances? Especially when I found this book in Portsmouth and I live in Southampton - two heavy rivals for as long as I can remember. I could not believe my luck and knew then that I had to purchase it no matter what the price to return it to the hometown in belongs in.

I have yet to research into Mr Frederick Gregory but I certainly will do. I am really interested to see if I can find out anything about him or whether he still lives in Queens View. Here's hoping!
Have you ever found any treasures or strange coincidences in charity shops? I'd love to hear if you have :)


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