Wednesday, 17 July 2013

New bedroom

Hey dudes,

Today I thought I would show you all mine and my boyfriend's new bedroom, and before anyone says it's a bit too feminine, my boyfriend chose the colour deep purple so......

As I mentioned in my first blog post (a week ago now! How time flies!) my boyfriend has recently moved in with me and my Dad and my brother moved out at the end of last year so we nabbed his room as it is almost twice the size of my tiny box room. Decorating and buying all of the furniture came around pretty quickly as we were set on what we wanted. Well, I say 'we' but over a year ago my boyfriend and I made the deal that if he could decorate the kitchen how he wants it when we get our own place (he's a chef) then I am allowed to decorate the rest of the flat/house! Ha You can't really get a much better deal than that can you?! Therefore, ever since we made that deal I have been pinning my ideal bedroom/house images on Pinterest and knew exactly how I wanted it to look when it came to it.

We've still got a few things to buy but we're moving on to buying things for the kitchen now (keeping the boyfriend happy :P) just so that we have things ready in preparation for when we eventually move out. But we are really happy and settled in our new room now. I love the contrast between the masculine and feminine aspects and I love that me and Jack have both added our stamp onto the bedroom too :)


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