Saturday, 13 July 2013

My final year collection

Hello beauties,
I thought for my second post on my new blog that I would dip into the past one last time before carrying on with the present and show you my final collection which I designed and made in my final year of university.
I ran with the theme of Cicely Mary Barker's Flower Fairy books as I had recently bought 4 of the seasons books for myself as they reminded me of when I was a child. This of course then lead me to childhood memories and my collection sort of flowed from there. I looked into the flower fairy books and the history behind them and the author and who inspired her to illustrate and create these fantastic books full of poems. Researching that then lead me to children's clothing from the 1920's and I noticed many similarities between then and now, such as frilly smock dresses and dungarees. I was also inspired by a certain dress created by Mary Katrantzou which made me think about print, which of course then lead me to floral prints as I was researching Flower Fairies (I hope this is all making sense!). And that is, in very short terms, how I came up with my final collection (along with lots of other research, obviously!!).

Stemming from my collection and our WSA final year fashion show I was lucky enough to be chosen for the Truman and Brewery Show in London which was such a great experience and got my collection noticed by many online magazines, and very proudly noticed by Hunger Magazine!! From there I was then selected to show my portfolio at Graduate Fashion Week which was an honour as that is what we have all been working towards for the last three years!! From there my collection was shown on WGSN (a fashion website which predicts future trends) and Vogue Britain!!! Huge achievement!! and finally I got selected for 2 more fashion shows, one which was the Fashion Festival in Winchester which has just been and another which I am still waiting to hear from. So all in all it has been a very busy and very exciting last few months!!

I literally cannot believe I have finished my degree now. This time next week I'll have graduated and then that's it, no more student life for me, I'm a proper adult now! Ha Have any of you recently graduated?


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