Monday, 22 July 2013

Flower arranging

Hello lovelies,
Today I thought I would do a little different post and talk about flower arranging. Some of you may find this boring so I do apologise, but flower arranging is something which I love doing, being a creative person and all!
I suddenly thought about doing this whilst I was arranging a gorgeous bouquet of flowers from my boyfriend and then realised it was too late as I would need to take photos from start to finish. Luckily I received a lovely bunch of flowers from my Mum yesterday at graduation so, horray, I had some flowers to play with!

My love for arranging flowers all started when I was in year 10 and needed work experience for 2 weeks. I managed to get a job in a florist just down the road from my house and I really enjoyed learning about different flowers and how you should arrange them. I learnt a few good tips and have used them ever since so I thought it might be quite nice to share them with you :)

Arranging flowers is very basic but I will run through it all step by step. You will need a pair of good scissors which will cut through thick stems, a vase or jar 3/4's full of clean water, and of course a beautiful bunch of flowers. Sometimes flowers come with a liquid which you put in the water which helps to make the flowers last longer. If you do find this on your bouquet of flowers then pour this into your vase or jar of water and stir a little with a spoon to mix it all in.

First of all what I like to do with flowers is to open up the packaging and order the flowers so that each type is separate, this way I find it easier to arrange the flowers once they are in the vase.

The next thing I do is to choose a type of flower and measure up on the vase how tall I want the flower to come. You don't want to make the flowers stand too tall otherwise your bouquet will look a little bare as they will all be leaning against the sides of the vase, so make sure you measure up how tall you want your flowers to be (you can always cut them back again later).

The next thing to do is cut the stem to the height in which you want it to be, but make sure you cut your stem at an angle, this will allow the flower to drink more water (and easier) from the vase and therefore last longer, which is what we all want, right? One more thing to do is to cut away excess leaves that may touch the water. There is nothing worse than leaves being drowned in water and whilst I was on my work experience I was always taught the trim the leave - if anything it looks more aesthetically pleasing!

Another thing to make sure of is the pollen seeds which are mainly found in lilies (the orange parts inside the flower, as seen above). These will stain your skin and your clothes and often play havoc with your hayfever! The best thing to do is to just remove them. Just simply pick them off, with a tissue in hand, they come off really easily.

After these basic tasks you can finally start arranging your flowers, and I always start with the flowers and end with the foliage that comes in most bouquets. Some people like to hold the bouquet as they make it, outside of the vase, and then place them in the vase once they have finished. However I often just place the flowers in the vase as I go, that way I find it easier to move the flowers if needs be. A good tip is to inter-twine the stems inside the vase, as you can see in the image above. This way the flowers stand tall together and stay in place easier.

Before you know it you will have a beautiful bouquet of flowers sitting in front of you, there for you to admire!
I hope this helped to inspire some of you, I'm thinking of getting more creative with flower arrangements in the future so let me know if that is something you would like to see. Also if you have any tips on flower arranging then let me know, I am no way an expert so I would love to hear some useful tips :)


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