Saturday, 27 September 2014

135. Two peas in a pod

Me - Hat, Cardigan, Jeans & Shoes:  New Look  //  Top: River Island
Jack - Everything: New Look

Hey loves,

Today me and Jack popped into town to buy a few things and have a little browse. Jack ended up buying a hat pretty similar to mine which was really funny as we didn't even notice until we were out of the shop and he put it on!! I thought Jack looked really nice today so I asked if he would like to be on my blog so I can show you guys his style. He really loves to try out new looks and be different and I love it when I can be his personal shopper/stylist! 

Tomorrow's post will also involve Jack too as he has created a really, really cool gift idea for Christmas! I won't reveal anything yet so you'll have to pop back tomorrow to find out what the hell I'm talking about! Haha!

I have to say I am so, so glad I am more organised with my blog and YouTube channel. It's something that makes me so happy to do and I am so gutted I have let it slip so often over the years as I look at other bloggers and wonder where I would be if I have kept it a constant thing since I started back in 2010. Having said that, everything happens for a reason and I am just happy to be back blogging again. It's still early days but here's hoping I can keep it up, and this time for good!

I hope you are all well lovelies! Speak soon!

Tuesday, 23 September 2014

134. Back to School

Necklace: New Look  //  Top:  DIY/Handmade  //  Shorts:  DIY/Handmade  //  Rucksack:  New Look  //  Shoes: New Look

Hello lovelies,

Today's outfit looks rather formal and a wee bit 'back-to-school' which is rather fitting for this time of year, however it was unintentional as I didn't notice until I looked back on these photos. I really love this look though as it's so simple and comfortable for the unusual weather we have been having. I don't know whether I'm coming on going this time of the year as the weather is just so unpredictable! Last week I had my legs out and sunnies on and just a few days later I'm wearing tights and a deep red lip! Deary me.

Anyway, this top I made from scratch a little while ago and I am hopeing to make some more to sell, something which I am constantly wanting to do but it's just finding the money to actually do it! Soon I will be creating a 'deopop' account as I need to sell soo much stuff and I need you guys to all take a look and hopefully buy something as I need to money to buy materials to then make into tops like this and 2 pieces etc. Everything will be £5 so if you could have a little look and you may see something you like! I'll update you guys when it is up and running :)

I hope you guys are all good! Expect to see a lot more of me on my blog as I am knuckling down and not letting working long hours get in the way of my blog anymore. It's not my job that's holding me back, it's my lazy ass and things need to change as I love blogging!!

Speak soon sweet,

Sunday, 21 September 2014

133. The last of the summer sun

Sunglasses:  Dublin  //  Necklace & T-Shirt and Shoes:  New Look  //  Skirt: DIY/Handmade  //  Socks: Topshop

Hey beauts,

Oh what a beautiful day it has been!! This week has been very hit and miss with the weather, one minute it's thunder storms and the next it's blazing hot sunshine like today (well, maybe not quite 'blazing' but it's hot non-the-less). I feel like today could have been the last of the summer sun that we will see so I thought I would make the most of it and chill out on the balcony before the Monday blues creep around again. And not to mention snap some pretty outfit photos in the sun!

Can you believe I was actually going to wear tights today?! I am so glad I didn't because it was so lovely and warm where I live today and it was perfect to have a bit of wind to cool me down. That is the great thing about living so close to the see, there is always a lovely breeze in the background. I'm not sure I could ever not live by the sea having grown up living a 5 minute walk away!

Anywho, today's outfit is pretty basic as I think this skirt I made a few years ago is very bold in itself. With statement pieces like this you don't really need anything else to add to the outfit which is why I just opted for white accompaniments. A basic white tee is always an essential in a girls wardrobe and fits perfectly with the skirt to tone the outfit down a little. Having said that I always opt for a statement necklace too to keep the balance in the outfit. Lastly is the trainers and frilly white socks to add a little girly touch to finish. I love basic outfits like this as they are so comfy and fun, perfect for a day like today!

Hope you're all well sweets! Expect to see a lot more of me around on my blog, I have been doing some serious planning today and it's safe to say I feel very humble thanks to finally having a productive day and not being lazy!! Also I did a video alongside this blog post which you can watch below, please also check out my channel and subscribe! :D

Speak soon sweets,

Monday, 25 August 2014

132. In the eye of the beholder

Hat, Top, Shorts & Boots: New Look  //  Scarf: & Blazer: Vintage

Hey sweets,

So what better way to get myself back into the blogging world than with a little 'ootd' for you all. Today the sun has decided to take a off and let the rain and gloom take over, but that's ok, there's something about Autumn/Winter fashion that I just love.

I opted for a pretty basic look with lots of added interest. Underneath the blazer, which is very lightweight so perfect for this type of weather when it is still quite warm, I am wearing a plain black, long-sleeved top tucked into a pair of my favourite teal shorts (which I bought from New Look many years ago!), black tights and my beloved Chelsea boots. I then added my sheer, floral scarf which I bought from a charity shop all those years ago, to lighten up the outfit and my fedora - perfect in the light rain (you know the rain I mean, the type that you can't feel until you walk inside and suddenly realise you're soaking wet!). Lastly, of course I am wearing a bright lipstick to make up for all those months I couldn't wear lipstick with my top brace on. This particular shade is from the Kate Moss range, number 12.

This weekend I have been attempting to vlog, it being a bank holiday weekend and all! And the fact that I can finally enjoy bank holiday weekends now that I no longer work in retail! Woo!! Haha! So today I went for lunch with my Mum and her partner which was lovely and now I am at home, cuddling with the kittens watching the rain through the french doors. There's just something so lovely about snuggling up inside when it raining outside.

Also, the kittens decided to join me for a little photobooth sesh, haha! How cute do they look!!

I promise a post will be coming on the kittens soon! Speak soon lovelies,

Sunday, 24 August 2014

Guess who's wearing lipstick?!

Hey sweets,

Look who's wearing lipstick again?! Anyone who has not read my blog before this will not seem like a big deal, but I have had braces on since February and haven't been able to wear lipstick as it rubs off onto the braces. It's never a pretty sight. But, incase you haven't seen by the pictures already, I got the top row of my braces off last Monday! Horray!! The bottom row will be kept on for around another 4 weeks as I wanted to keep them on a bit longer so that they have more of a chance of being perfectly straight (They're still facing in slightly so a little longer won't hurt!). Anyway, I did a whole video on it so feel free to take a look! Don't forget to subscribe and thumbs up my channel! I also completely forgot to mention on there what the whole experience was like getting them off, but I figure I'll put it all in the next update when I get the bottom row of. It's safe to say it didn't hurt one bit!

I hope you enjoy the video! As always, any questions you have then please leave a comment and I'll get back to you :)

Speak soon lovelies,

The secret is out...

Hello lovelies,

Long time no see, well, I guess there’s no change there then...

Well anyway, I have been in my new job for just over three months now and yesterday was the first time all of the girls in my team found out about my blog, the blogging world and my YouTube channel.

It all came about when we were talking about my future of creating my own business in clothing etc as some of the girls didn’t know about my fashion background. They asked me what the name of my company would be and then it all sort of unravelled from there really. There was no hesitation; they were all typing away coming over to my blog to have a good look, haha! It was a little nerve-wracking I must say but they were all so complimentary about my blog and videos and photos etc that it made me really proud of what I do and made me realise just how much I have let it all slip away just because I work more hours now. No one said having a full time job on top of a full time blog would be easy, but with everything that has gone on this year I guess my blog just sort of got pushed to the back of my mind and almost (not quite, but almost) dare I say it...forgotten about.

It’s quite ironic really as I planned to film a few video’s this weekend for my YouTube channel and the girls finding out about it all just made me realise how happy blogging makes me and how much of an escape it is for me. A place to share my thoughts, share my loves and sometimes vent a little too! I have missed it so much!! Even writing this rambly, out-of-touch post puts a smile on my face.

I’m not saying I’ll be blogging loads from now on, but atleast once a week to begin with until I plan my time a bit better with juggling my job and my blog. It just makes you realise how important it is to do what you love and never let go of it as it makes you who you are. Definitely something I've been reminded off this weekend J

Anyway, enough of the rambles. I just want to end this post by saying thank you to my work colleagues (if any of them are reading this!). Thank you for taking an interest in my blog and giving me a bit of spark and motivation back to blog again. And yes, you can all be in a vlog one day ;) haha! I am having a lot of fun working at my new job, they really are like one big family and I’m proud to say that I am now a part of that. Also, if you’re looking for life insurance then head on over to and get your life protected ;) (biggest plug non-related to my blog EVER!)

Speak soon sweets,

Sunday, 13 July 2014

The flat tour is finally here!

Hey sweets,

So I guess it seems inevitable that a tour of the flat is due, right?! I have been putting it off for weeks because there are still lots of bits and pieces we would like to buy for the flat, like a floor lamp hanging over the sofa for instance (one day!). However, yesterday I re-jigged the furniture in the living room as we wanted to make a little divide between the kitchen and living room to make it more cosy and not so open. I am so, so happy with the result that it instantly made me want to film a flat tour video and finally show off our flat to you guys! It is now live on my YouTube channel so check it out above or head over to my channel to thumbs up and subscribe!!

Before the living space was very open and to be honest pretty bland. The sofa was against the radiator with the coffee table infront and the TV stand on the opposite wall with the desk being shoved in the corner. Now it just looks so much more homely and welcoming! There are still a few pieces of furniture that we would like to get, like a draw cabinet in the bathroom and a bookcase for the living room (and not to mention my lamp!) but we'll slowly get there.

You may have also noticed 2 little kittens running around the flat. Yes, that's right, we couldn't go long without some pets running around and with the nod from our landlady we were over the moon the buy these little cuties to expand our family (that's right Jack, no baby for you just yet!! hehe). A video and blog post of the kittens will be coming shortly with a proper introduction, don't you worry!!

For now though, all that is left to say is me and Jack FINALLY got some internet and as of the 28th we should have it up and running in the flat. Goodness knows how we've gone so long without it! I miss blogging and filming soo much!! 

I hope you're all well, speak to you soon lovelies,